The Top Threats to the Health of Your Landscape

Posted on Mar 23, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

The Top Threats to the Health of Your Landscape | The Experienced GardenerA healthy, beautiful landscape can be difficult to come by. One of the reasons it is so difficult to get and maintain a nice yard is the fact that there are a number of persistent threats that are always trying to sabotage your efforts. The top threats to the health of your landscape are failing to give your yard the attention it needs, pest infestations, spreading of disease, and weed growth. If you can successfully deal with these threats it will make a big difference in the health of your landscape.

Failing to give your yard the attention it needs

A healthy yard requires consistent effort. If you get busy and neglect your yard for a couple of weeks in the summer it can lead to damage that takes the entire season to correct. No homeowner sets out with the intention of neglecting yard care. But the reality is that you get busy and sometimes it is impossible to do all of the things on your list. If you cannot realistically commit to taking care of your yard on a consistent basis there is no reason to feel frustrated or ashamed. Few people can dedicate the amount of time necessary for a healthy yard. You always have the option of hiring help in order to avoid allowing neglect to threaten the health of your yard.

Pest infestations

Pests are a common and powerful threat to the health of your landscape. A serious pest infestation can leave your yard looking thin and unhealthy. Pests can eat away at the blades of your grass and on the roots. Burrowing pests can destroy large sections of your yard’s root system as they move through on the search for food. To protect against pests, you can apply chemical treatment options to your lawn on your own or hire a professional.

Spreading of disease

Widespread disease can completely kill off your entire lawn. Disease that is less severe can still have a big impact by causing patches of grass to become discolored or die. Disease can spread through your landscape in a number of ways. Properly identifying and dealing with disease in your lawn requires the help of a professional. You can get professional help to prevent and/or treat disease in your landscape.

Weed growth

Weeds are one of the most frustrating threats to grass that homeowners face. Weeds grow quickly and can ruin any landscape. You can deal with pests by pulling them or treating them with an herbicide. Pulling weeds by hand is effective but will be time consuming in a large yard. You can purchase and apply herbicide on your own or hire a professional to help you with the process.

If you stay on top of these threats to your landscape you can enjoy a healthy yard all spring and summer long. The Experienced Gardener can help you get your yard into shape and keep it looking good with regularly scheduled lawncare services.

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