The Dangers of Neglecting the Care of Your Trees

Posted on Dec 31, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

The Dangers of Neglecting the Care of Your Trees _ The Experienced GardenerIt is easy to forget about the health of the trees on your property. Well established trees do not require the same type of care and attention as more fragile plants such as flowers. However, that does not mean that it is a good idea to ignore them completely. In fact, neglecting the health of your trees can be dangerous and lead to some serious issues.


A common issue that can arise if you neglect the health of your trees is overgrowth. Overgrowth occurs when tree growth starts encroaching on structures and/or creates a situation where the limbs become weighed down. If your trees start to become overgrown and encroach on your house it could lead to serious damage to your home. In addition, when you try to deal with the overgrowth it is much more difficult if it is already near your house. Overgrowth can also cause the limbs of your trees to become weighed down. If they become too heavy they can break and damage your property or even cause harm to a person. In order to protect your home, the people you love, and the health of your trees you need to prevent overgrowth in your trees.

Disease can spread

Neglecting the health of your trees can allow disease to spread throughout. Disease is one of the elements that have the ability to kill off your tree. When it is allowed to spread without intervention it does not take long for it to become a serious problem. Disease can even spread between trees if they are close to one another. Attending to the health of your trees is one of the most important elements of keeping them disease-free.

Pests can infest

Small pests can cause big problems for your trees. If you neglect the health of your trees it can provide pests with the opportunity they need to infest and damage them. There are a number of different pests that can be problematic for trees. The key to protecting them from pest damage is keeping an eye out for signs of pest activity. If you do notice pests, bring in professional help as quickly as possible to prevent damage.

Trees may fail to thrive

Trees with deep roots still need a boost of nutrition from time to time. Changes in the soil, drought, and trauma can all lead to a situation where your trees need more nutrition than they are getting on their own. If trees cannot get what they need naturally they may fail to thrive without intervention. Systemic tree injections are an option for helping trees that are struggling get the nutrition they need.

Do not risk the well-being of your home, family, or trees by neglecting the care of your trees. They are living things and need attention from time to time in order to be at their best. If you need help caring for your trees, get in touch with the pros at The Experienced Gardener.

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