Steps for Getting the Lawn You Want in the New Year

Posted on Jan 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Steps for Getting the Lawn You Want in the New Year | The Experienced Gardener

If getting a healthy lawn is one of your goals for the New Year then you are in the right place. Getting the lawn you want is not overly complicated but it does take proactive effort. Staying on top of a few key tasks will significantly increase the likelihood of growing a healthy yard. Steps for getting the lawn you want include aeration, fertilization, weed control, disease control, and pest control.


Aeration is a process where small plugs of dirt are removed from the ground in your yard. The purpose of removing the plugs is to gain access to the root system of your grass. This allows you to get nutrients directly to the roots of the grass and maximize their impact. Aerating your lawn on a proper schedule will help it get healthy and stronger over time.


The step after aeration is fertilization. Fertilizer contains nutrients that can increase the growth and strength of your grass. Immediately after aerating your lawn is the right time to apply fertilizer. The fertilizer can get into the holes made through aeration and penetrate the root system of your grass.

Weed Control

Weeds grow fast and can crowd out new grass that tries to grow. If you are trying to get your grass to come in full and strong you need to make sure and control the weeds during the process. There are a number of different options for chemical weed control. The best choice for you depends on the type and severity of the weeds in your yard. You can talk to a weed control professional about weeds common to your area and get an estimate on treatment options for your situation.

Disease Control

Disease is another threat to your lawn that can prevent it from looking the way you want. Disease can create yellow patches in your grass and even has the potential to kill off your whole yard. One of the best protections against disease is to be proactive with caring for you yard. A healthy yard will have more defenses against disease than a weak one. If you fertilize, water, and treat your yard with chemical disease protection on a regular schedule it will be much less susceptible to disease.

Pest Control

Pests can destroy your yard from the roots up and from the blades down. If you want to grow a strong, beautiful yard in the New Year pest protection is a must. You can have the surface of your yard treated for a wide variety of pests. If you develop a problem with underground pests such as rodents it will require more invasive treatment. Preventative treatment for pests can keep a lot of issues from developing to begin with. But, if you do develop a problem, quick action on your part will minimize the damage caused by the pests.

Giving your yard the nutrients it needs and protecting it from threats are the two most important elements of getting a great lawn. The Experienced Gardener offers a wide range of lawn care services in Visalia and surrounding areas. Get in touch today and get an estimate on the services you need to get the yard you want this year.

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