Start Prepping Your Yard For The Spring During The Winter

Posted on Feb 1, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Start Prepping Your Yard For The Spring During The Winter | The Experienced GardenerDoes the winter cold have you daydreaming about the sunshine and warmth of the spring? If it does, you may already be thinking about your hopes for your spring yard and garden. But, a quick look outside can lead you to determine that there is not much you can do for your yard until the winter is over. The reality is that there are some things you can do to prep your yard so it is ready the moment winter gives way to spring. Two of the main ways you can start prepping your yard for the spring include making a plan for your yard and keeping the debris in your yard under control.

Make a plan for your yard

What are your hopes and goals for your yard this spring? Is this the year you are finally going to conquer the weed problem in your yard and have healthy grass? Do you want to put in a new flowerbed on the front of your house? No matter what goals you have for your yard in the spring, you can start planning for it during the winter. If you want to deal with the weeds in your yard once and for all then start learning about your options now. You can go the DIY route for weed control or employ the services of a professional. The winter is a great time to consider this type of decision. If you are planning on adding a major feature to your yard, like a flowerbed, you can start some of the planning and prep work in the winter. You can make decisions on elements such as size, shape, and materials. You can also start looking into plant options. Getting starting on the plan for your spring yard during the winter will give you a head start once the weather thaws. 

Keep the debris in your yard under control

When spring comes around, many homeowners make a fresh commitment to creating a healthy and beautiful yard. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and planting a few flowers and even mowing are attractive tasks after the cold and bleakness of the winter. But, motivation to work on the yard can quickly turn into frustration when you realize you have a whole day worth of cleanup to do before you can start on the other tasks. Fallen leaves and dead plant debris can accumulate in a yard during the winter. If you are not proactive about regularly cleaning the debris throughout the winter, you will have a big cleanup job on your hands in the spring. The other problem with allowing debris to remain in your yard is that it can cause damage to grass and other plants by spreading disease, sheltering pests, and blocking nutrients. Clearing your yard of leaves and dead plants regularly throughout the winter is an important way you can prep your yard for the spring.

With the holidays behind us and the spring ahead, now is a great time to put some thought and prep work into your yard. Completing the two tasks suggested here will ensure that you can get right to work on your yard once the spring arrives.

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