Six Simple Summer Gardening Tips

Posted on May 31, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Six Simple Summer Gardening Tips | The Experienced GardenerGardening is one of the most positive hobbies that a person can have. Just consider how productive it is – how many hobbies help you feed your family? Or protect them from harmful pesticides or GMOs? You certainly won’t get that benefit from rec-league softball!

Now that the summer is coming, it’s a critical time for your garden. This is when plants and vegetables can truly flourish; if you know what you’re doing. And we want to help you be an expert gardener. That’s why we’re presenting these six simple summer gardening tips:

1. Water in the Morning

This will help with evaporation and ensure the roots absorb enough water before the weather warms up.

2. Water Sparsely

This might go against what you’ve learned about gardening, but watering should actually be done infrequently; about once a week, really. There’s no benefit to overwatering, and it might actually overwhelm and drown your plants.

3. Be Vigilant With Weeds

Weeds are not only unattractive, they also steal precious soil space and resources from the plants you actually want. That’s why you should pull weeds constantly, and consider using some weed killer as well (if you’re OK with chemicals).

4. Look Out For Signs of Pests

Seeing a pest isn’t always a problem – pests are attracted to gardens, that’s nothing new. But if you see a significant pest presence or notice plants dying, that’s troublesome. You might want to consider using some pesticides to protect your garden. We have some additional pest-fighting tips here.

5. Be Mindful of Disease

Even if pests aren’t an issue, trees and plants can still become diseased pretty easily. All it takes is some fungal spores to be carried by the wind and suddenly you’ve got a sick plant. Monitor plants and trees closely, and contact us at the first sign of illness. Sometimes these plants can be saved, but only if we act quickly.

6. Don’t Forget to Fertilize – But Just a Bit

If some is good, more is better, right? Not always. The best time for fertilization is actually before the summer, when the plants are still growing. You can add a little more from time-to-time, but fertilizer is more of an aid at this point. If you over-fertilize now, you run the risk of “burning” the plants, which is bad news.

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