Simple Tasks that Will Keep Your Yard Healthy

Posted on Jan 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Simple Tasks that Will Keep Your Yard Healthy | The Experienced GardenerKeeping your yard healthy is not an overly complicated process. If you keep up with a few simple tasks you will be well on your way toward getting and maintaining a healthy yard. And, if you ever need help with the process, there are pros that can assist you every step of the way. Start out by keeping debris off of your yard. When you have that under control you can turn your focus to providing nutrition and protection to your yard. These three tasks are the basics of keeping your yard healthy.

Keep debris off the yard

Many yards get covered with leaves during the fall. Other types of debris that you may find in your yard include sticks, limbs, dead plants, and trash that blew in. In order to keep your yard healthy, you need to deal with any debris that shows up. Dead plant debris has the potential to spread disease and provide harborage for pests. If a blanket of leaves is left on your lawn for too long it can deprive your grass from important nutrition. When you notice debris on your yard, take action to remove it.

Provide your yard with nutrition

You must provide extra nutrition to your yard occasionally in order to maintain its health. You can do this through aeration and fertilization. Aeration removes small plugs of soil from your yard in order to open up the root system. Fertilization – when applied immediately after aeration – gets nutrition directly to those roots. Providing your yard with this extra nutrition is a way to keep it healthy.

Provide your yard with protection

Your yard also needs protection from threats in order to remain healthy. Threats include weeds, pests, and disease. You can take a number of steps to protect against these threats. There are several DIY options for dealing with weeds, pests, and disease. The effectiveness and time commitment of DIY options varies significantly. You can also employ the services of a lawn care company to get professional protection against these threats. No matter what option you choose, the key is to provide your yard with continuous protection against pests.

None of the tasks mentioned above are difficult to understand or implement. The difficulty lies in remaining consistent in your efforts. Lack of consistency is the most significant factor that leads to unhealthy and unsightly lawns. It is difficult to consistently provide your yard with the attention it needs. If you are struggling to keep your yard healthy it may simply be because you are not dedicating enough time to the process. You can get help with this by bringing in a professional lawn care company to handle the nutrition and protection elements of maintaining a healthy yard.

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