Should I Be Concerned About Landscape Pests During the Summer?

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Should I Be Concerned About Landscape Pests During the Summer? | The Experienced GardenerAs you may have noticed, our website URL is not completely our own – we share it with our sister company, San Joaquin Pest Control. And if you’ve got a cockroach or termite problem, we can’t recommend them enough. They know how to handle whatever pest problem you’ve got.

But our friends at SJ Pest have also taught us quite a bit about pests, and there are plenty to be concerned with in your yard. From the common (like raccoons) to the unexpected (mosquitoes), we have multiple types of pests that are trying to ruin our lawns. And you definitely need to be concerned with them. 

  • Why? 

Because these pests are destructive. Let’s take gophers, for instance. A gopher will dig up your lawn, creating mounds of dirt all over your pristine grass. That’s a big enough problem, right? Well, do you know the most common way for folks to exterminate gophers? It’s not pretty. But when faced with a torn up lawn or gopher atrocities, most people will opt for the atrocities.

  • Sound a bit intense. So pests are bad news for the lawn? 

Absolutely. Even if they don’t tear up the lawn itself, there are pests that spread disease and feed on your plantlife. So basically, any pest problem should worry you.

  • What can I do to prevent these problems?

The easiest solution is pesticide, but in 2016, that’s usually an unpopular method. If you’d prefer to avoid poison, then exclusion is a critical first step. Take measures to exclude pests from your yard and garden. For instance, if you have a vegetable garden, consider raising it off the ground and/or adding some fencing or chicken wire around it. 

If you end up with gophers or other burrowing pests, consider purchasing traps to eliminate them. These traps are safe and humane, but they’re not free. That other method of gopher extermination is, though. 

And if you get a pest problem or plant disease that you can’t seem to solve, please contact us right away. Sometimes, plants and trees can be saved from disease, but we have to act quickly. The sooner you call us, the better the chances we can save that old oak.

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