Residential Lawn-Care Services in Visalia, Ca

Posted on May 3, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Residential Lawn-Care Services in Visalia, Ca | The Experienced GardenerI want you to pay special attention to the headline today – note that it doesn’t say gardening services. We’re not here to talk to you about hiring a full-time gardener. Chances are you don’t have the type of lawn that needs daily attention, anyway. But does that mean you can’t get a little help with it?

That’s precisely what residential gardening services are meant to accomplish. A standard landscape only needs occasional attention – and if you hire a professional gardening service, they’ll know exactly the right actions to take in order to keep that landscape lush.

What else can you expect from residential lawn-care services? I’m glad you asked!

  • Vegetation control

This is an industry term, which basically means controlling the amount of weeds you have on the property. Do you know the best way to battle weeds? Are you prepared to administer weed killer in the appropriate amounts? If that sounds like way too much of a hassle, then you’re the intended customer for this service.

  • Fertilization and other growth help

If you just can’t seem to get your lawn healthy, or there are patches of grass that simply won’t grow, we can fix that. The addition of nutrients is vital for a healthy lawn, and regular fertilization will provide that. But beyond fertilizing, your lawn care specialist will give you tips on how to help the progress. Additionally, they can provide services like aeration, where we essentially punch a bunch of holes in the ground with a special tool. It might sound very simple, but it’s one of the best ways to ensure the roots receive nutrients.

  • Protection from disease

This might be the single most important reason to hire professional lawn care services. There are a variety of diseases and problems that can afflict your plants and trees, some of which are beyond your control. For instance, sometimes fungal spores can travel long distances thanks to wind, and you could end up with diseased trees as a result. Do you know how to save those diseased trees? Can you stop the spread of a plant disease or pest problem in your garden? If not, then you should definitely contact us – before your landscape pays the price.

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