Reasons to Aerate Your Lawn in the Fall

Posted on Sep 10, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Reasons to Aerate Your Lawn in the Fall | The Experienced GardenerAs summer fades into fall many weary homeowners look forward to the reprieve from yardwork that cooler weather provides. Eventually, the change of season will slow down the growth of grass and pesky weeds that pop up in your yard. You will get a break from the seemingly endless lawn duties that come during the growing season. These changes are often welcomed but do not mean that you should completely halt all lawncare activities. If you are proactive with your lawncare duties during the fall you will reap the rewards for your efforts when growing season comes back around. One of the most proactive lawncare tasks you can invest in during the fall is aeration. There are a number of reasons to keep aeration on your list of to-dos this fall.

Your yard needs a shot of nutrition after the hot and dry months of summer

Aerating in the fall and then following up with fertilization will give your lawn a direct shot of nutrition. Fall is a great time to do this because the heat and dryness of summer is fading away. If your grass survived the sparse conditions of summer is it likely in need of some extra nutrition. Aeration opens up the roots of your grass and allows in air, water, and nutrients. Your grass gets the full benefit of these elements because they are able to get directly to the root.

More rain is on its way and aeration can help you yard be ready

A lawn that is parched from extended and high heat can benefit from a good rain. But if the ground is extremely hard and compacted it will not get the full benefit of the rainwater. You can help your yard soak up as much of the rainwater as possible by aerating this fall. As the climate becomes less hot and dry your lawn will have the space to soak up the water with the help of aeration. The water can go into the holes that the process created and then slowly seep into the other areas of the soil.

A healthy yard is built and maintained with continuous effort

Another reason to aerate your lawn in the fall is because you cannot build a healthy yard overnight. A healthy yard is built and maintained with continuous and long-term effort. Forgetting about your yard once the grass stops growing will not help you develop the yard you want for the spring. Instead, you must take proactive steps to improve the health of your yard now in order to have the yard you want in the future. Aeration is one of those proactive steps.

Aeration is a lawn care task that you should do throughout the year. It is not a process that has to be done every week or month. Aerating once per season is a good place to start. You can always change your frequency based off of results. If you need help with the process of aeration, give the pros at Experienced Gardener a call.

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