Questions To Ask Yourself When Estimating The Cost Of Your Dream Yard

Posted on Mar 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Questions To Ask Yourself When Estimating The Cost Of Your Dream Yard | The Experienced GardenerIf you’ve decided that you’re ready to start investing in creating your perfect yard, congratulations. Designing and implementing your dream landscape is a fun and rewarding project. Once you’re finished you’ll be left with an element of you house that you created with your own two hands, and will be able to enjoy for years to come. Not to mention that you’re likely increasing your property value and curb appeal substantially. A nice landscape gives you a place to relax and unwind, get some fresh air, and indulge in a hobby that can be fun for your entire family.

Before you start, you’re probably going to want to figure out how much this project is going to cost. There are a few things you’ll need to consider in order to answer that question. Going through each of these items will help you put together a budget for your dream yard, and will help everything go off without a hitch.

What elements do I want in my dream yard?

Even if you’re not very experienced with greenery, you probably still have some image in your mind when you picture your dream garden. It’s important to write down what you envision before you start the process, so that you have some plan to work off of. Some elements take significant planning, so writing your ideas down and planning them out is absolutely essential, if only to make sure that they’re all possible. Even if all you write down is the colors or types of vegetation you’re interested in, you’ll be able to construct a more detailed plan based around it.

Should I hire a professional?

Starting a garden from scratch can be an intimidating task. As I mentioned before, some elements require careful timing and placement planning. We definitely recommend at least consulting with a professional landscaping service before you begin planting your new yard. Take the list of elements we talked about in the last section with you and go over them with a professional gardener. They’ll be able to recommend specific plants, trees and flowers that will fit in with your plan and make the optimum growing experience for all the vegetation you’re planning to plant. They’ll also be able to give you an idea of how to place them, and what time of year you should start. Having an expert by your side during this process will undoubtedly make the entire experience run more smoothly.

What is the condition of the yard before I start?

The condition of your yard now will impact the overall cost of putting your dream garden together. Depending on what you already have in your yard, you’ll need to decide if you’re going to add elements to what you already have, or do a complete overhaul of the yard. Taking a look at your lawn is especially important. If you have more weeds than grass on your lawn, pulling them all won’t do much good, since you’ll be left with a sparse lawn. In this case, you’ll need to aerate, plant and fertilize a new lawn and wait for it to grow before you’ll have the full, lush yard you have in mind. This is just one example of how the condition of your yard currently, will impact your overall cost.


These questions are important to answer in order to figure out an estimate of what your end cost will be. Don’t let all this planning scare you off! When you’re all finished, you’ll be left with a carefully thought out, beautiful garden that flourishes throughout the year.

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