Protecting Your Plants From Infestation and Disease

Posted on Jul 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Protecting Your Plants From Infestation and Disease | The Experienced GardenerGrowing a full, robust plant can be a challenge, especially if it’s a vegetable plant. Have you ever planted tomatoes that won’t seem to grow all the way? Or a lemon tree with fruit that stays perpetually green? That’s frustrating, but it’s part of this hobby we call gardening. It teaches us patience!

The same can’t be said of losing a plant to infestation or disease. What do we learn from that? It’s just a sad, often random occurrence in the natural world. And although you can’t protect all your plants from every disease, you can give them a great chance if you follow these tips:

  • Always consider pests before you plant

Before you plant something new, remember that you have a lot of decision-making power and information at your fingertips; meaning, you can select a pest-resistant variety of plant. Do a Google search for the type of plant you desire, and chances are there are pest resistant varieties – like with the tomato, for instance.

  • Trim dead branches and leaves immediately

If you see a dead branch or leaf, chances are you’re not watering enough. However, it could also be a sign of disease, especially if the plant previously should no signs of problems. Sometimes, simply removing the dead and/or diseased portion of the plant can stop the infestation.

  • Have diseased plants/trees addressed quickly

Should a major disease present itself in a tree or plant, you should take steps to remove the infested plant very soon. The disease will eventually travel to the roots, and it can then pass from one plant to another that way. Allowing a diseased plant to stick around could endanger many more plants, especially if you have multiple planted close together.

Removal of plants can be tough, especially if it’s a deep-rooted tree or something similar. If you need help in such a situation, please contact us. We’re experts at removing plants and trees, as well as old, unwanted tree stumps.

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