Prepping Your Yard for the Hot Summer Months

Posted on Apr 25, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Prepping Your Yard for the Hot Summer Months

The hot months of summer can be brutal on your yard. Too much sun and too little rain can lead to a yard that is susceptible to pests, disease, weeds, and damage. But, it is possible to prepare your yard for the hot summer months with a few proactive steps. Prepping your yard before summer arrives will significantly increase the likelihood that it will withstand the threats and remain healthy.

Build the strength of your yard during the spring

One of the best ways to prep your yard for the hot summer months is to build it up during the spring. You can do a number of proactive things to strengthen your lawn. Aerating is a task that pulls plugs of dirt out of your yard. Basically it will look like there are a bunch of small holes all over your lawn. This opens up the root systems of your grass to allow direct access of water and nutrients. Aeration can strengthen your grass from the root system up and help it be more resistant to the threats that come with the summer. Planting additional grass-which is often done during the aeration process-can also build the strength of your yard. Filling in the areas of your yard where the grass is thin or missing will make it more difficult for weeds to come in and take over during the summer. A full and strong yard is much more likely to withstand the heat of the summer months than one that is thin and weak.

Protect your yard from threats

There are a number of things that can threaten your yard throughout the spring and summer. During the summer when it is often hot and dry these threats can cause even more damage than they do in spring. The three main threats to your yard this summer are pests, weeds, and disease. You can prep your yard for the hot summer months by protecting it from these threats. Professional lawn services can kill off weeds, eradicate pest problems, and address any signs of disease that appear this summer.

Get regular care for your yard

Neglect is one of the biggest threats to your yard this summer. The reality is that a healthy yard requires consistent attention. In order to keep your yard healthy and looking good for the whole season it needs to be mowed, watered, fed, and protected from the various threats mentioned above. The majority of homeowners simply do not have the time to stay consistent with all of these tasks. Getting professional services for your yard is one way to ensure that it gets the regular care it needs to make it through the hot summer months.

It is possible to maintain a healthy yard through the summer. Prepping your yard during the spring for what you know is coming in the summer is one of the most effective ways to keep it strong and looking good.

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