Prepare Your Lawn for the Coming Changes in the Weather with these Four Steps

Posted on Oct 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Prepare Your Lawn for the Coming Changes in the Weather with these Four Steps | The Experienced GardenerAs the weather changes so will the needs of your lawn. Once the cool weather moves in you will get a break from the constant mowing that comes with spring and summer. The fall and winter can be hard on your lawn if you do not take steps to prepare it for the changes in the weather. You can help your lawn make it through the changing seasons by dealing with active threats, cleaning up dead vegetation, giving the roots of your grass room to breathe, and by providing your grass beneficial nutrients.

Address signs of active threats

Disease and pests will continue to do damage to your lawn until you deal with them or the changes in the weather get extreme. Most lawn pests will leave, die off, or become inactive once the winter arrives. Disease in your lawn is not a noticeable problem when your grass is in a dormant phase. However, simply because pests and disease do not seem active in the winter does not mean that those problems are gone. Some pests go into a hibernation-like state called diapause which they will come out of once the weather warms (and start destroying your lawn again). Some types of disease are only noticeable when they are viewed in contrast with living grass and will appear once the new grass starts to grow in the spring. In order to truly eliminate active threats you need to deal with them right away.

Clean up dead or dying vegetation

Plants that are dead or dying can be a threat to your yard. In order to prepare your lawn for the coming changes in the weather, you need to clean up any dead or dying vegetation around your yard. If a plant died because of disease it can spread that disease to other parts of your yard if it is allowed to remain. In addition, dead plants can be infested with pests that will eventually move on to the living vegetation in your yard without intervention. Clean up any type of debris you have in your yard this fall in order to protect it throughout the winter.

Give the roots of your grass room to breathe

Before the cold weather gets here in full force you can prepare your lawn by giving it a little room to breathe. Aeration opens up the roots of your grass to air and nutrition. This act can strengthen your grass and allow for a little more growth before the weather changes.

Feed your grass beneficial nutrients

Your grass can use a boost of nutrients before the winter settles in. This will help it survive the harsh conditions and come back stronger in the spring. A general fertilizer can provide an overall boost in health. You can also have your soil treated to provide it with nutrients that may be lacking.  

Fall is here and winter is close behind. Follow the four proactive steps mentioned above to provide your lawn with everything it needs to stay healthy through the fall and winter in order to reemerge in the spring.

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