Prep Your Flowerbeds This Fall for the Coming Spring

Posted on Nov 7, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Prep Your Flowerbeds This Fall for the Coming Spring | The Experienced GardenerThe fall is a great time to prep your flowerbeds for the coming spring. Yardwork starts to slow down as the cooler fall weather moves in and it can create space in your schedule to do some prep work on your flowerbeds. You can start preparing your flowerbeds for the coming spring by developing a plan, creating a clean slate, and keeping debris under control during the fall.

Develop a plan

Planning out your flowerbed can make a big difference in its success. There are a number of elements you should take into consideration when you plant flowers, shrubs, and other plants in your flowerbed. The types of plants and flowers you plan to use are a good place to start. If you are looking for a low maintenance option, then be sure to include foundational plants like shrubs in your plan. They will take up space in the flowerbed and will not require a lot of attention once they are firmly established. Another way to keep your flowerbed low maintenance is to only get plants native to your area and/or climate. Plants that naturally thrive in your area or climate will not require nearly as much attention as those that do not. For example, tropical plants thrive in warm and moisture-rich climates. If you live in a dry climate, it will take a lot of attention (and water) from you to keep a tropical plant healthy and alive. Planning out your flowerbed in advance will prevent you from getting overwhelmed at the nursery in the spring when you go to choose plants. Instead of choosing everything based on looks you can choose options that look good and have the ability to thrive in your area – because you have a plan. 

Create a clean slate

Fall is a great time to remove the remnants of last Spring’s flowerbed. Dead or dying plants in your flowerbed should be removed and provide you with a blank slate. With the old plants gone you will be able to plan for your next flowerbed without the distractions of what was there before. Remember to identify which plants are perennial so you do not inadvertently remove plants that will return on their own in the spring.

Keep debris under control

Fall is a time where debris can easily build up in your flowerbeds. The two types of debris you are most likely to deal with are leaves and dead branches. If you allow that debris to remain it can turn into a huge cleanup in the Spring. However, consistently clearing debris from your flowerbed during the fall will keep it in good condition all season long so it is ready to go once the Spring arrives.

Take advantage of the reduction of lawncare duties that you experience in the fall and do some work on your flowerbeds. A little bit of preparation during the fall will put your flowerbeds in much better condition when the Spring arrives. You will be happy that you put in the work now when Spring rolls around and your flowerbeds are already prepped for new plants and flowers.

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