Now That It's Rained, Our Drought Problems Are Over - Right?

Posted on Dec 31, 2015 8:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Now That It's Rained, Our Drought Problems Are Over - Right? | The Experienced Gardener

For the majority of Californians, our drought has been little more than a nuisance. Sure, you don’t get to water your lawn much anymore and maybe you take shorter showers now, but that’s barely an inconvenience. But when your whole business revolves around gardening, the drought is significantly more impactful.

Today I want to discuss the drought, because we’ve finally had a little bit of rain. And I’ve already heard a couple of folks surmising that watering can resume as normal. Water parks and slip n’ slides for everyone! Right? 

Not so fast. 

We Didn’t Get Here in a Year…

It’s very possible that 2015 is the first time you became hyper aware of our drought, because we finally stopped pretending it was just going to get better on its own. The governor instituted watering restrictions and raised fines, and all of a sudden everyone started to notice.

But in actuality, the drought has been hanging over our fair state for four years. And although the water may never have stopped pouring from your faucet, we definitely felt the impact statewide. Reservoirs are still low, and it will take many days of steady rain in order to fill those back up.

So Nothing Has Changed?

We’ve definitely seen an improvement and the rain is a great sign, but has anything really changed? Not as far as you’re concerned. Although the rain has provided a measure of drought relief, there’s still a long way to go. As recently as last month, California was still experiencing “severe drought” across 92 percent of the state. And since we have an enormous agricultural economy, your bird baths and swimming pools aren’t a priority right now. We need that water to keep our economy going, so keep those drought measures in place.

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