Maintaining a Healthy Garden: Don't Forget to do These Things

Posted on Aug 4, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Maintaining a Healthy Garden: Don't Forget to do These Things | The Experienced GardenerEven though summer is already upon us, it’s not too late to start a little garden on your property. You might not get a full harvest, but you’ll be able to practice with a few late season bloomers. Or, if you’re already a bit of a green thumb, then this is the perfect time to safeguard your plants for the coming heat. Have you watered sufficiently? Are your vegetables protected from pests?

It’s a lot of working maintaining a healthy garden. But we’ll help you accomplish it with these tips:

  • Give your plants a little boost

We always recommend using fertilizer, whether it’s for the lawn or a vegetable garden. You don’t want to overdo it – fertilizer is full of nitrates, which can “burn” the plants if applied too often or in excessive amount. But an occasional sprinkling of fertilizer will provide a helpful boost.

  • Protect the garden from intruders

Pests of various sizes can make their way into your garden, especially if you have vegetables there. You should take precautions to thwart these critters, such as placing a chicken wire barrier around the perimeter, or raising the garden bed above the ground. Fighting bugs can be a little tougher, but planting pest-resistant varieties is a smart tactic. And although they aren’t popular these days, pesticides do work; we just recommend using them sparingly.

  • Water in the morning

This is a simple one: water early in the day, before the weather heats up. This will allow the roots to soak up plenty of water, which will then evaporate quickly once the sun is out in full force.

  • Pull your weeds

Nobody likes pulling weeds, but it’s well worth your sweat. Weeds are basically parasites –they steal resources from the plants you actually want, and they also take soil space from them. So pull out the weeds. Not only will it help your plants grow stronger, it will make the garden look better, too.

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