Lawn Tasks You Can Start Doing While it is Still Cold Outside

Posted on Feb 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Lawn Tasks You Can Start Doing While it is Still Cold Outside | The Experienced GardenerChristmas has passed and the new year has begun. Many people are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring. Spring brings with it warmer weather, longer days, and blooming plants. If you love working out in the yard and are anxious to get started, there are a few lawn tasks you can start doing while it is still cold outside. These tasks will help you get ahead so you are ready to get started on the fun stuff – like planting flowers – once spring arrives. Lawn tasks you can get started on right now include removing debris, assessing the condition of your trees, looking for signs of problems, and scheduling routine lawn care services.   

Remove debris

Debris often builds up in lawns during the colder months. Leaves, branches, and dead plants often remain in yards and flowerbeds through the winter months. In order to have the lawn and garden you want for the spring you will need to remove any debris that has accumulated. This task can be done at any point because it does not require a certain level of warmth or sunshine. Getting rid of the debris in your yard will put you ahead when it is time to start getting your lawn and garden in top shape for the spring.

Asses the condition of your trees

The colder months are a great time to assess the condition of your trees. When your trees are free from leaves it can reveal issues that are usually more difficult to see. For example, some types of tree diseases can cause growth on the branches. These growths are much easier to see when the leaves are gone. Take some time to closely inspect the trees in your yard for any signs of problems. If you discover anything that looks questionable, call a tree care professional for help.

Look for signs of problems

This time of year is also a good time to look for signs of other problems throughout your yard. You can look at the drainage in your yard, determine if any of your soil has washed away, and make note of areas that seem less healthy than the rest of the lawn. Looking for signs of problems in your yard now will help you know what steps to take in the spring to address those problems.

Schedule routine lawn care services

You can go ahead and get routine lawn care services scheduled while it is still cold outside. A lawncare pro can come and look at the condition of your yard and talk through your needs now and get services scheduled for the spring. This is a great time to get started with the task because the demand for lawncare pros will increase in the spring and it will become more difficult to get on the schedule.

There is plenty to do in your yard while it is still cold outside. Taking these proactive steps will put you way ahead of the game when spring arrives. Instead of spending the first beautiful spring weekend cleaning up debris in your yard you can spend it relaxing in the garden or simply enjoying your yard.

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