Lawn Care Tips as Summer Heads into Fall

Posted on Aug 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Lawn Care Tips as Summer Heads into FallSummer is an exciting time of year for many reasons. The kids are out of school and many families choose to take vacations during the summer months. Summer also comes with a few downsides including intense heat and your lawn’s seemingly constant need for attention. As summer heads into fall you may be looking forward to getting a break from your lawn care duties. You will eventually get a break but it is not quite time to put your lawn mower up for a long winter’s nap. In order to keep your lawn healthy as summer heads into fall you need to keep mowing regularly, continue to provide consistent nutrition, and start planning for the changes that the new season will bring.

Keep mowing regularly

As the summer nears the end many homeowners are tired of mowing. Grass and weeds can grow quickly in the summer and make it seem like the yard is in constant need of mowing. You have almost made it through the summer and the hope of cooler weather may have you thinking about slowing down on your mowing duties. While it is tempting to take a break from mowing the negative consequences of that can be long-lasting. Overgrown grass is susceptible to pests, weeds, and disease. This is because it is more difficult to notice the impact of those threats when the grass is overgrown. Mowing regularly as summer heads into fall will allow you to keep an eye out for any threats and take necessary action to protect your lawn.

Continue to provide consistent nutrition

Your grass will continue to need consistent nutrition even as the seasons change. In this part of California the fall weather can be relatively mild and allow grass to continue growing. As long as your lawn remains in a state of active growth it needs consistent nutrition. Tasks that help your lawn get the nutrition it needs include watering, aeration, and fertilization.

Start planning for the changing needs of your yard

As summer heads into fall it is a good idea to start planning for the changing needs of your yard. Your lawn will need less attention during the fall and winter but you should not ignore it completely. Talk to your lawn care professional about the best timing for aeration, fertilization, and chemical, pest, weed, and disease control as the weather cools.

It will not be long before you get a break from having to deal with mowing, weed control, and pest control in your yard. As summer heads into fall you will see signs that the weather is cooling and the seasons are changing. Be careful not to give up on your lawn care duties too soon. Skipping out on mowing, providing nutrition and protecting your yard too early in the season can lead to serious and long-lasting issues. You can find help and advice about taking care of your lawn in every season on the Experienced Gardener website.

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