Lawn Care Services: It Takes Time

Posted on Oct 6, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Lawn Care Services: It Takes Time | The Experienced GardenerHow many of us have stayed awake all night, wishing we could postpone the following day’s events? Or perhaps you tossed and turned because you were too excited, like a kid waiting to wake up and go on vacation. But as we all know, the passage of time cannot be changed. We can’t slow it down or speed it up; we just have to endure.

And if your lawn is in dire shape, you should understand that this will take some time to repair. After all, the lawn didn’t get all dead and yellowed overnight, right? Well, the recovery process won’t happen that quickly, either.

  • Starting from scratch

If your lawn is completely dead, or close enough, it might be smart to start over. Rip out that old grass or let it all die, and then plant some new stuff or lay down sod. This late in the year, it may be difficult to see much growth progress before winter. However, this would be a good time to let the lawn die out. With the strong sun and high heat, the grass can completely die and you can restart in the spring.

  • Doing the small things

It’s a classic phrase (“remember to do the small things”), but it’s important here. Small things like remembering to water in the morning – this gives the sun all day to dry up the moisture. Or providing fertilizer from time-to-time, especially before the growing season. Or remembering to aerate a couple of times per year. Doing just one of these things isn’t enough, but if you remember to do most of them, your lawn will be much healthier.

  • Recovering from weeds

If you’ve allowed weeds to run rampant on your property, we’ll need some time to take care of them. They’ve established roots and left seeds everywhere; so even if you were to pull up every last weed, a new batch might start growing soon enough. We recommend using weed killer, but only if you’re comfortable with it (you can also call us to provide weed killing service). But be prepared to fight a never-ending battle against weeds. Another pro-tip? Mow the lawn regularly, and to the correct length.

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