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Posted on Apr 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Lawn Care Services | Visalia, CAThe beautiful weather in Visalia, CA during the spring and summer creates an ideal environment for plant growth of many kinds. This includes the growth of grass in your yard. If you are proactive about caring for and protecting your lawn it is possible to get a healthy and beautiful yard full of grass. One way to maximize your chances of getting the lawn you want is to get professional lawn care services. In Visalia you can get help with weed control, pest control, disease control, aeration and fertilization.

Weed control

Weeds grow quickly and can be an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful yard. If you are trying to build up the grass in your yard weeds can be especially problematic. They can steal nutrients from the soil that the grass needs in order to flourish. Weeds can also crowd out grass and plants that are trying to grow if they are not stopped. You can get professional help killing off the weeds currently in your yard and protecting it from weeds in the future.

Pest control

Pests can damage your grass from the roots up and the blades down. There are pests that burrow underground and destroy your roots as they move while others feed on the roots of your grass. Some pests stay above ground and eat on the blades of your grass. No matter what type of pest you are dealing with they all have the potential to ruin your grass. You can stop pests in their tracks by hiring a lawn care company that offers pest control services.


Aeration is a process that is designed to improve the health of your yard. It allows you to get water and nutrients directly to the roots of your grass. Aeration is also used in the process of planting new grass seed. You do not have to have your lawn aerated as often as other tasks like mowing and trimming. But, having aeration done on a consistent schedule will maximize the overall well-being of your yard.


Fertilization is good for the health of your yard. It provides a shot of nutrients that can strengthen the root systems and ultimately make your yard more resilient to threats. Fertilization and aeration are lawn care tasks that go hand-in-hand. Your lawn care professional will likely fertilize your yard on the same schedule as aeration to maximize the benefits of the two processes.

You can get a full range of lawn care services in Visalia, CA. The Experienced Gardener has been serving the area for years and offers all of the services mentioned above and a number of others. If you are ready to have someone come out and assess your needs then get in touch with The Experienced Gardener today.

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