Lawn Care: Four Steps to Getting Rid of Weeds

Posted on Feb 18, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Lawn Care: Four Steps to Getting Rid of Weeds | The Experienced Gardener

Weeds are the type of problem you can never seem to truly get rid of. Whenever there’s a nice lawn or garden in place, you can bet that weeds aren’t far behind. And it’s only natural for these parasitic plants to keep posing problems for us – weeds are resilient and resistant to certain anti-weed measures.

In order to truly eradicate a weed problem, you must be both constant and thorough with your treatment. Even then, no matter how intense your extermination method was, weeds can still survive. Sometimes, you just have to keep treating an area as the weed onslaught continues, and new little buds keep popping through the soil. But it will still be a lot easier if we can get rid of most weeds beforehand.

Here are four steps for accomplishing that:

Step 1: Revive Your Childhood by Pulling Out Weeds

It used to be a pretty common chore for kids to pull out weeds during the summer, as it was a quick and effective way to help get rid of a weed problem. This isn’t just because weeding can be grueling and you should torture your kids – it’s also the cleanest way to get rid of them. By yanking out the weeds, you can disrupt their roots and help pick a living weed plant right out of the soil. Conversely, if we merely cut the weeds, they’ll grow back pretty quickly.

Step 2: Keep the Grass as a Nice Moderate Length

Sometimes you probably feel like using the lowest setting on your lawnmower so you can leave the lawn short and wait longer to cut it again. But this is actually a mistake. Not only is it unnecessary to cut the grass that short, it could actually be harmful. Taller grass ensures tiny weed plants can’t receive enough sunlight to grow – they’ll be overshadowed by the blades of grass. But grass that’s too short is going to give weeds a chance to recover.

Step 3: Invest in Some Weed Killer or Other Control Method

There are plenty of formulations of weed killer on the market, and we recommend choosing one you’re comfortable with and getting to work. You should spray the weed killer along cracks in your driveway or front yard. Weed killer shouldn’t be you primary defense method, but it can be quite beneficial. Just don’t overdo it – it could be harmful for your health or the health of your lawn.

Step 4: Stay Vigilant and Keep Your Eye on the Lawn

If you’ve made it this far, we’ve definitely been able to eradicate much of your weed problem. But as weeds are wont to do, this problem will rear its ugly head again soon enough. That’s why we recommend the weed killer – not only does it help clear out weeds, it is also a great defense against resurgent weeds later on.

Stay on top of the weeds in your own yard by watching out for them closely. Keep that grass tall, keep some weed killer on hand, and be ready for a long, slow battle. We never seem to truly eradicate weeds – but we can definitely control them.

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