Lawn Care Duties to Keep on Your List in September

Posted on Sep 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Lawn Care Duties to Keep on Your List in SeptemberAs the heat and dryness of summer begin to subside ever-so-slightly it may have you dreaming of crisp fall days. Many of the changes that fall brings are welcomed after a long hot summer. Homeowners often look forward to the reduction in lawn care duties once fall weather moves in. That is something to look forward to but it is not quite time to hang up all of your lawncare tools. September can be a month that still feels like summer but also shows signs of the approaching fall. Your yard will still need care during September. Tasks such as mowing, watering, aeration, fertilization, weed control, and pest control should remain on your list until your lawn moves out of an active growing stage into a dormant stage. 


Your need to mow does not magically stop once summer is officially over. Your grass will respond to the changes in the weather and eventually stop actively growing (as long as you have a variety of grass that is dormant during the fall/winter). But you will have to continue mowing until your grass responds to the changes in the seasons. In some areas of the country homeowners have to continue mowing well into the month of September.


You may also need to continue watering your lawn during part of September. August can come with scorching heat and make it difficult to keep your yard hydrated. In addition, the dry weather in August can lead to temporary water restrictions that prevent you from giving your grass the water it needs. If your grass is still actively growing in September and there are no active water restrictions then keep watering on your list of lawn care duties for the month.

Aeration and Fertilization

Aeration and fertilization are two lawn care tasks that go hand-in-hand. Aerating your lawn before you fertilize it will make a huge difference in the effectiveness of the fertilizer. September is a good time to schedule aeration and fertilization. You can give your lawn a boost of nutrition before the weather gets cold. In addition, aeration will loosen up the soil and can help it soak up the water from the rain that is hopefully coming now that summer is moving into fall.

Weed control

If your grass is still growing in September then so are weeds. In order to prevent weeds from sneaking in and causing problems at the end of this season you need to stay diligent with your weed control efforts. If you have a lawn care pro apply chemical weed control to your yard be sure and keep it on your schedule for September.

Pest control

Pest control for your lawn should continue through September. It may evolve as the month goes on and you have less problems with pests that eat the blades of your grass and develop problems with rodents like moles, gophers, and voles.

As summer moves into fall and eventually winter your list of lawn care duties will begin to shrink. September may mark the official end of summer but your lawn does not always get the message.  Keep these lawn care duties on your list for September and look forward to the changes in the weather that will be here before you know it.

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