Keeping Voles Out of Your Garden

Posted on Feb 21, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Keeping Voles Out of Your Garden | The Experienced GardenerVoles are rodents that like to eat on the roots of your grass and plants. They can damage the root systems of your grass and create dead spots in the yard. In your garden, voles can feed on the roots of your plants and ultimately kill them off. You have to be vigilant about keeping voles out of your garden because they can kill off all of your plants very quickly. If you have a garden there are several things you can do to help you protect your plants by keeping voles out.

  • Exclusion

Exclusion is a fancy way of describing methods that keep voles physically away from your garden. Clearly the most desirable way to handle a vole problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. One option is to create a raised bed garden. There are multiple ways to design raised beds depending on your goals, budget, and space. If one of your goals is to avoid damage caused by voles then you need to design the beds accordingly. Some raised beds are built completely off the ground and you will not have to worry about voles at all. Other beds are still partially on the ground but are built up on the sides with wood or some other material supporting them. With these types of raised beds you can put down a layer of mesh at the bottom of the bed before you fill it with dirt and plants. Another option is to put a fence around your garden. In order for it to protect against voles you will have to bury a barrier in the ground before you plant the garden. This could work for a small garden but would be difficult to do and expensive for a large garden.

  • Traps

There are options available for trapping voles in order to keep them out of your garden. The problem with this method is that voles reproduce quickly and it will be difficult to fully eradicate the issue. If trapping is the method you want to use you should hire someone with the equipment and experience necessary to make the process a success.

  • Bait

There are multiple bait options available when it comes to keeping voles out of your garden. Visit your local hardware store or talk to a professional about which bait option is best for your situation. In order to put the bait out you need to find the holes around your yard where the voles enter into the runs. That is the most likely spot where voles will encounter the bait.

  • Garden maintenance

Proper maintenance will also help you keep voles out of your garden. A garden that is overgrown and cluttered with weeds and debris is a very attractive place for voles. There are plenty of roots available for them to snack on and the extra debris provides cover for the signs of vole activity. Properly maintaining your garden will allow you to see the first signs of vole activity and deal with them before they do major damage.

Keeping voles out of your garden is not as straightforward as deterring other types of pests away. You cannot simply go buy a premixed spray to deal with a vole issue. However, you can use a combination of the methods mentioned above to increase your likelihood of keeping these harmful rodents out of your garden.    

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