Keep Your Flowerbeds Looking Good All Summer Long

Posted on Jun 22, 2020 2:30:00 PM by Stephanie Morgan


Flowerbeds can add beauty, structure, and depth to the front of your home or business. A flowerbed that is full of healthy, beautiful flowers and shrubs can provide you with enjoyment throughout the spring and summer. However, it can be difficult to keep your flowerbeds looking good all summer long when you have to fight against the heat and other threats. Fortunately, you can keep your flowerbeds looking good throughout the summer with a few proactive steps.

Keep your plants fed

Flowers and plants that are starving for nutrition will not survive the threats of summer. Long, hot days can zap the moisture out of the ground and cause plants to wither. Lack of nutrients can weaken the plants from the inside out and make it difficult for them to survive the numerous threats they encounter. If you keep your plants fed – with water and necessary nutrients – they will fare much better through the summer months. Some types of flowers and plants have nutrient mixes designed just for them that you can apply on a regular basis.

Get rid of the weeds

There are steps you can take to prevent weeds from popping up when you first work on your flowerbeds. Options such as garden fabric and mulch can prevent or significantly slow down weed growth. It is likely – despite your best efforts – that some weeds will find their way into your flowerbeds. In order to keep your flowerbeds looking good you need to take action whenever you see weeds. Remove them at the root to keep your flowerbed looking good and reduce the likelihood that they will return.

Protect against pests

Pests are another issue that can impact the way your plants and flowers look. Pests can eat away at the leaves of flowers leaving unsightly holes and damage. Severe pest infestations can even kill off plants and flowers. In order to keep your flowerbeds looking good you need to protect against pests. One of the most effective ways to do this is with chemical pest control. You can find DIY pest control options for your flowerbeds or bring in a lawncare pro for treatment. Chemical pest control can kill off pests that are currently in your flowerbed and provide protection against future infestations.

You can keep your flowerbeds looking good all summer long by following the steps outlined above. It really should not take up a lot of your time to provide nutrition, get rid of weeds, and protect against pests. The main issue homeowners run into is that their efforts are not always as effective as they hope. You can combat that issue by bringing in a lawncare pro to help with the areas where you are struggling to make progress.  

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