Keep Plant Disease Away with These Tips

Posted on Nov 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Keep Plant Disease Away with These Tips | The Experienced GardenerFilling your garden with plants that you love requires a significant amount of time and, often, money. The last thing you want to happen is to have all of that time, effort, and money go to waste because of plant disease. Disease can develop in one plant, spread throughout your flower bed and kill off all of your plants. In order to prevent this type of disaster from occurring, you need to keep plant disease away. The top four tips for keeping plant disease away include creating a watering schedule, providing additional nutrition to your plants, eliminating parts of plants that become diseased, and hiring professional help.

Create a watering schedule

The timing and frequency of watering your plants can both have an impact on the development of disease. If you water late in the day, the excess water will not be evaporated by the sun and may remain on the surface around the plant. Doing this frequently can lead to the development of disease in your plants. You must give your plants the correct amount of water at the appropriate time of day in order to prevent disease and keep them looking good. Watering in the early morning is generally a good option because the excess water will have time to evaporate from the surface during the day.

Provide additional nutrition to your plants

Plants that are lacking certain nutrients are more susceptible to disease than their healthy counterparts. Give your plants a boost of nutrition by providing fertilizer and other nutrients to the soil. If your soil is deficient in a particular nutrient, you may be able to find and apply the specific additive that is needed. Otherwise, a basic fertilizer designed for your type of garden will be beneficial to the health of your plants. Healthy plants are much more resilient to disease.

Eliminate parts of plants that become diseased

Keep a close eye on the appearance of your plants. Oftentimes disease shows up in a small area of a plant before it continues to spread. If you notice discoloration or spots on a leaf – remove that part of the plant. Sometimes removing the diseased area is enough to protect the remaining plant from disease. If you notice that disease has spread throughout a plant, it is important to remove it completely from your garden. Get the diseased plant out in order to protect the health of the surrounding plants.

Hire professional help

One of the most effective options for keeping plant disease away is to hire professional help. When you bring in a gardening expert, you will get help with all of the elements mentioned above and much more. A gardening pro will be able to help you determine an appropriate watering schedule, measure the nutrients in your soil, and learn to recognize the signs of disease. A pro can also apply chemical treatments that will help protect against disease and pests.

In order to get and maintain a garden that you love, you must protect your plants against disease. You can do this yourself by learning about the best way to care for you plants and following the tips mentioned above. You can also get professional help protecting your plants against disease. Call the pros at Experienced Gardener to discuss the various options for professional lawn and garden care.

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