Is Your Garden Susceptible to Bug Infestations?

Posted on Feb 2, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Is Your Garden Susceptible to Bug Infestations? | The Experienced GardenerThe excitement of planting a flower or vegetable garden can quickly wane if it comes under attack from harmful bugs. These pests can do major damage to both the health and aesthetics of your garden. If you have or plan to have a garden ask yourself, ‘What makes a garden susceptible to bug infestations?’ Once you understand the answer to that question you can take steps to protect your plants.

What are bugs looking for in your garden?

The simple fact is that all gardens are susceptible to bug infestations without proper protection. The reason for this is that bugs want what your garden has to offer. To many bugs, a flower or vegetable garden looks a lot like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Bugs want food and your garden is full of just the type of food they like. If you are able, do a little research about the plants you hope to include in your garden. You can learn about the types of bugs they attract and the best methods for protecting them from damage.

Have you created natural defenses against harmful bugs throughout your garden?

There are a couple of natural defenses against harmful bugs that you can add to your garden. First, consider using pest repellant plants as a part of your garden design. There are a number of plants that are both aesthetically please and functional. Each plant differs on the type of pest they repel so you will have to do your research in order to find the plants that meet your specific needs.

There are some types of bugs that you will want to attract to your garden because they can help keep the harmful bugs at bay. You can attract beneficial bugs to your garden with certain types of plants. Again, this will take some research but it will save you time and effort over the long run by preventing damage due to pests.

Have you used chemical and barrier defenses against pests in your garden?

Another way to make your garden less susceptible to bug infestations is to use chemical defenses such as insecticides. You can make your own bug spray at home using common household items or buy it pre-made at your local hardware store. The type of insecticide you use will depend on the type of garden you have and what you are comfortable with. You can find sprays and powders designed to prevent a bug problem and/or treat a current infestation. A physical barrier can also help keep certain types of garden pests away from your plants. For example, a raised bed or container garden can provide protection from pests such as grubs that burrow into the ground. These types of gardens are also a great way to protect your plants from rodents and weed growth.

Harmful bugs can cause significant damage to your garden but thankfully there are several options for protecting your plants. The best way to insure that your garden does not become infested with pests is to use several of these protective measures in conjunction with one another.

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