Is Weed Control Needed More in Certain Climates?

Posted on Sep 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Is Weed Control Needed More in Certain Climates? | The Experienced GardenerIf you’re here searching for help against weeds, I’ve got bad news for you: the climate isn’t going to save you. Whether you’re in the deep South or right here in San Joaquin Country, you’ve got weeds. They can grow virtually anywhere, and they almost always grow more easily than your grass. This is why we hate weeds so much, folks – they’re a giant pain in the bud.

But just like plants grow better in certain environments, there are also optimal environments for weeds. And if your lawn and garden are going strong, I’ve got another piece of bad news for you…

  • Optimal growing weather doesn’t only apply to your plants

Got a pretty green lawn? The weeds aren’t far behind. A weed is a plant like any other, so it feeds on the same stuff as your grass or other vegetation: sunlight, fertilizer and water. If you’re providing all three of those things, without any anti-weed measures, you’re going to see them sprouting up taller than the lawn.

  • A strong lawn needs to be cut more often

Did you know there are optimal lengths to cut your grass to? It’s true, and it even varies based on the type of grass. In general, the watering schedule isn’t going to be majorly different across different grass types – if you’re watering regularly, grass grows. Pretty simple. But the same can’t be said of the length. If the grass grows too long, it will cast shadows and lead to inconsistent growth across the lawn.

Beyond that, mowing regularly helps keep weeds in check. Weeds will develop bud heads before sprouting, and you can lop off most nascent heads during your normal mowing. By cutting off these heads now, you stunt weed growth later.

  • A reliable weed control option is imperative

Mowing the lawn regularly is going to help immensely, but weeds can still sprout – especially in areas that don’t have grass. I’m referring specifically to gardens. When you can’t mow, you’ll need to take other measures to stop weeds. Spraying a little weed killer can help, but we think it’s better to separate the garden altogether. Raise the garden bed or put it in a separate area, to reduce the risk of weeds. They can still show up, but will be rare and easier to spot – and therefore easier to just pull out and discard.

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