Is Weed Control Needed During the Spring?

Posted on May 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Is Weed Control Needed During the Spring

Spring is the time of year that brings new life to your yard. The leaves on your trees are starting to show up once again and your flowers are starting to bloom. If the winter weather provided you with a break from mowing, that is over now. In the spring your yard is in full-on growing mode which means that weeds are growing again too. Weed control is a necessity during the spring because it is the prime time for weeds, they look bad, weeds are persistent, and they pose a threat to your yard.

Spring is prime time for weeds

Spring is the prime season for weeds. If you had to choose one time of year to start getting professional weed control, spring is it. As the weather warms, plant life of all types seems to wake up and start growing again. This is good when it comes to flowers, trees, and ornamental plants. Unfortunately, weeds also respond to the change of season and start growing once again. If you do not take steps to prevent or address weeds this spring your yard and flowerbeds are at risk for becoming overgrown.

Weeds look bad

There are a lot of reasons to protect your yard from weeds. They can threaten the health of your yard and crowd out the grass that is trying to grow. But, for many homeowners the reason to get weed control in the spring is for a much more basic reason-weeds look bad. You can spend a lot of money and time getting your flowerbeds looking great only to have them ruined with the presence of weeds. It is hard to enjoy the flowers that are blooming when they’re surrounded by weeds. They can also make your yard look bad. Weeds have the ability to pop up quickly which is why sometimes you see yards that look recently mowed but have weeds spread out around them. Professional weed control can help keep your flowerbeds and yard looking good this spring by keeping ugly weeds out.

Weeds are persistent

Weeds are persistent. In fact, they are often more persistent than homeowners-as evidenced by the many yards and flowerbeds that are overrun with weeds. If you want to keep weeds away you have to be consistent with your control methods. It can be difficult to stay on top of DIY weed control methods with all of the activity that often comes with spring. Professional weed control services can take this task off your list and get you the weed-free yard you’ve been wanting.

Weeds pose a threat to your yard

Another reason weed control is needed during the spring is because weeds can threaten the growth and health of your yard. Weeds need the same basic nutrients that your flowers and grass need. But, weeds grow much faster and will suck up water and nutrients in the soil quickly. The presence of weeds can mean less water and nutrients for your grass. This is especially problematic if you are trying to get new grass to grow. It is difficult for new grass to take root and start growing if your yard is full of weeds demanding space and nutrients. Weeds can also overtake your flowerbeds and threaten the health of your flowers and other plants. Professional weed control is a way for you to protect the health of your grass and plants this spring.

Weed control is needed during the spring. It will help you yard look good and stay healthy through the growing season. The most effective way to consistently keep your yard free of weeds is to set up regularly scheduled professional weed control services.

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