Is There Anything I Should Be Doing For My Yard In The Winter?

Posted on Nov 23, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Is There Anything I Should Be Doing For My Yard In The Winter? | The Experienced GardenerMost of the vegetation in your yard likely goes into a state of dormancy during the winter. It may be tempting to enter into a similar state when it comes to taking care of your yard this time of year. But, resist the urge to become dormant in your lawn care because there are some things you can do now to get your yard ready for the spring.

Remove the old to make way for the new

Some types of vegetation go dormant during the winter while others completely die off. Either way, there is often debris in your yard as a result of the changes that the new season brings. If you allow the debris to pile up throughout the fall and winter it can have a negative impact on the well-being of your yard in the spring. For example, if leaves are allowed to accumulate for a long period of time they can prevent sunlight and water from getting to the roots of the new grass that is trying to grow. In addition, some types of plants need to be cut back during dormancy to allow for optimal growth in the spring. Clearing out the dead vegetation, pruning the dormant vegetation, and removing debris from your yard during winter will all have a positive impact on it come spring.

Protect your large vegetation

Just because you cannot see new growth does not mean there is nothing happening in your yard. This is especially true for large vegetation such as trees and shrubs. Their roots are still active even if they have shed their leaves or stopped blooming. During this time of dormancy trees are still susceptible to issues like disease and pests. In the winter, you can start protecting your trees from these issues by investing in systemic tree injections. These injections can penetrate much more deeply than simply spraying your trees on the surface. Systemic tree injections can protect your trees from threats, top to bottom.

Fight back against weeds

Some types of weeds seem to lay in wait all winter and pop up at the first sign of spring. You may also unknowingly have seeds that have been spread throughout your yard by your current weeds. During the winter you can fight back against these potential weeds by getting professional vegetation control. The major benefit of getting professional help with these tasks is that a professional has the knowledge to provide the appropriate treatment from the beginning. You will save yourself time and frustration when you start the process by seeking out knowledgeable help.

All of these lawn maintenance tasks can be accomplished relatively quickly during the winter. Ultimately, doing this work now will save you time in the spring by providing protection and getting your yard ready for new growth.

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