Is It Necessary To Care For My Trees While They Are Dormant?

Posted on Dec 7, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Is It Necessary To Care For My Trees While They Are Dormant? | The Experienced GardenerThe level of care that trees need changes depending on a number of factors. If you get a tree and transplant it into your yard then you will have to give the transplant some extra attention to help it survive. However, you do not have to spend the same amount of time caring for a tree that is already well established in your yard. Trees can also have changing needs depending on their level of activity. For example, many types of trees spend part of their time during the year in dormancy. When trees are dormant they do not have the same level of need for nutrients as trees that are actively growing. Despite the fact that dormant trees need less care than those that are actively growing, you should still spend some time caring for your trees at this stage of their development.

Dormant does not mean completely inactive

Dormant trees may appear to be completely inactive due to their bare branches and lack of new growth. It is true that they are less active during dormancy but there is still some life running through the tree. Trees still need a certain amount of nourishment during dormancy. When you remember that dormant trees are still a living thing it helps with the idea that there are actions you can take for their benefit. The main ways you can care for your trees during dormancy is by doing things that will prepare them for the spring. This may include things like removing debris from around the tree and pruning back the parts of the tree that need it. These steps during dormancy can benefit the health and looks of your tree when it becomes active again in the spring.

Dormant trees are still susceptible to harm

Trees in a state of dormancy are still susceptible to harm from threats like pests and disease. One way to care for your trees during dormancy is to protect them from these threats. Getting systemic tree injections is an action step you can take to help protect your trees from harmful pests. Systemic tree injections get pesticides directly into the trees and protect them from within. Your local tree expert will be able to provide you with treatment options that are tailored to the needs of your trees. Systemic tree injections are an effective option for providing your trees with long lasting protection from pests.   

Trees are such a big part of the aesthetic of your yard that it is essential for you to care for them properly throughout the year. Removing debris, pruning, and getting systemic injections are all steps you can take to care for your trees during dormancy.

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