Is Fall a Good Time to Deal with Tree Overgrowth?

Posted on Nov 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Is Fall a Good Time to Deal with Tree Overgrowth? | The Experienced GardenerTree overgrowth can cause serious problems for your tree and potentially your home and family. Overgrowth can hide problem areas and allow disease or pest activity to continue for an extended period of time before you take notice. Skipping out on regular pruning can also result in branches that get overloaded and weighed down. Overgrowth can lead to branches that are hanging over your house and hide branches that have died off. All of these issues make it more likely that limbs/branches will fall and damage your house or hurt someone in your family. You need to make time to deal with tree overgrowth in order to maintain the health of your tree and protect both your property and the people on it. If you have been putting off dealing with tree overgrowth, fall is a good time to begin.

Less leaves can reveal issues

As the leaves fall from your trees you will be able to examine the condition of the limbs and branches. Less leaves means there are fewer places for damage and disease to hide from view. Once the leaves are gone you can look for limbs and branches that appear to be dead or dying. This will help you easily identify the limbs and branches that you need to remove during the pruning process. In addition, with the leaves gone you will have an easier time identifying where to cut limbs that are encroaching on your home or other structure. Following the limbs that are problematic back to a place where they can be cut is much easier to do once the leaves are gone from the tree.

Will not be interrupting the growing process

Dealing with tree overgrowth in the fall is a way to eliminate overgrowth without disrupting the growing process. Pruning or trimming a tree in the fall will give it time to recover so growth looks normal once spring arrives. This can help you avoid doing damage to your tree while it is in an active growing stage during the spring.

Fewer lawn tasks to deal with

In the fall you typically have fewer lawncare tasks to deal with on a daily or weekly basis. As grass moves into a dormant stage, you can slow down on your mowing duties and eventually get a complete break. This time of fewer lawn tasks is a great time to schedule pruning for your trees. You can allocate the time you would spend on mowing one weekend to dealing with the overgrowth on your trees.

You will eventually encounter serious – and potentially expensive – problems if you do not deal with tree overgrowth. If you are avoiding this task because you are unsure about where to start – call in a professional. Cutting back tree overgrowth is an important lawncare task that can be completed this fall.

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