I'd Like to Grow a Garden, But I Don't Know Where to Start

Posted on Jul 12, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

I'd Like to Grow a Garden, But I Don't Know Where to Start | The Experienced GardenerNot sure where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve got the answers you need for creating a great vegetable garden in your own yard.

  • Start by carving out a space

This space is going to need some decent soil and plenty of sunlight, so keep that in mind when selecting a spot. You should probably plant the garden on the fringes of the yard, and you should consider setting up a planter or some other kind of boundary for the garden. We don’t want these plants comingling with the grass.

  • Plant ahead of time

Not all vegetables/plants bloom at the same time of year, so before you plant anything, do a minimal amount of research. Find out when that specific plant is supposed to flourish, and plant with plenty of lead time. That way, your plant will be fully grown when it’s supposed to be. Plants that don’t get enough grow time may come out weak or incomplete for that first season.

  • Consider how you will protect it from pests

Pests are a major concern for all landscapes, but especially gardens. You’ve already got to worry about insects and diseases for most plants, but vegetables are also edible. So you’ve basically created a feeding area for pesky critters.

To prevent their assaults, you might want to raise the garden bed off the ground. You can also put up some fencing or chicken wire around the garden. As a last resort, pesticides can also help; but you should probably refrain from much poison use around your edible plants.

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