I Need Help Getting My Yard Healthy

Posted on Nov 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

I Need Help Getting My Yard Healthy | The Experienced Gardener

Getting a healthy yard seems likes a relatively easy process at first. Plants need sunlight and water to thrive so providing those two elements should result in a healthy yard, right? Well, if you have tried to nurse a sick yard back to health then you know it is not that simple. Yards have a number of threats that can prevent them from looking or growing the way you want. Disease, pests, and weeds can all sabotage your efforts to get your yard healthy. A lack of nutrients can also be a barrier to the growth and health of your yard. If you have been struggling to get your yard healthy then it is time to bring in some professional help.

Disease, weeds, and pests

Disease, weeds, and pests can all prevent your yard from growing and being healthy. Disease can kill off large areas of your grass and spread quickly. Weeds can overtake your yard at a record pace and steal the nutrients that your grass needs to thrive. If allowed to continue growing weeds will eventually overtake any healthy grass that you did manage to grow. Pests can eat away at the root systems of your grass and kill it from below. There are other types of pests that like to eat at the blades of grass on the surface. Pests can do widespread damage before you even realize what is causing the issue. If you are dealing with any-or all-of these issues then you may need professional help. Part of properly treating problems in your yard is identifying the cause. Do you know how to tell the difference between grass death caused by disease or pests? A lawn care professional can differentiate between the two and treat it appropriately.

Lack of nutrients

Water and sunlight are important for a healthy yard but they are not the only things your grass needs to grow. Your grass needs nutrients from the soil in order to grow and thrive. Sometimes the soil gets depleted of those nutrients. That is where the process of regularly fertilizing your yard comes into play. Fertilization gives your yard a boost of nutrients that will maximize the health and growth of your grass. Aeration is a process that can be used in conjunction with fertilization to get the nutrients directly to the roots of your grass. Aerating and fertilizing your lawn on a regular schedule can be a cumbersome process when you do not have the time or appropriate equipment. You can get help with this process from a lawn care professional. Regularly providing your yard with additional nutrients will go a long way toward turning it into the yard you want.

Turning an unhealthy yard into a healthy one can be a difficult process.  It is not uncommon for homeowners to need help at some point in the process. A lawn care professional can help you protect your lawn from threats and get it the nutrients it needs so you can get in healthy.  

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