How to Manage Insect and Disease Control in Your Backyard

Posted on Mar 7, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

How to Manage Insect and Disease Control in Your Backyard | The Experienced Gardener

So your backyard has become a barren wasteland. Your plants are dying, your lawn is brown, and even your succulents are covered in a weird, white, wispy material.


Your once lush oasis is now a desert, despite your best watering and weeding habits. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, insects and disease can run rampant in your backyard, and before you know it, you can no longer manage the problem.


Don’t give up hope yet. No matter how terrible your backyard looks now, there are ways you can return it to its beauty.

Determine the source

The first step to managing insects and disease in your yard is to find the origin of the problem. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what’s being caused by a bug when there’s not much evidence - other than dead plans or brown leaves. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to do some detective work.


Spring and Summer are prime time for insect activity. If it’s that time of year, this may be a contributing factor to your problem.


Improper watering can help attract bugs and disease alike. Over or under watering your lawn leads to disease. Standing water can attract insects to your yard.

Decide what action to take

If you think the problem is the work of pests like insects, you can invest in many commercial insect sprays to help your cause. Using sprays or repellents are extremely useful, but remember to use them according to the directions on their package.



You can introduce helpful insects to your backyard. While some insects are harmful to your garden, and can eventually wipe out your plants, some insects are very beneficial to your space.


Ladybugs eat aphids, mites, and their larvae help kill off garden pests. Plus, who doesn’t like ladybugs?


If you suspect that over or under watering is a contributing factor, consider changing your watering habits. Learn about the proper level of watering for yards in your area to help control the problem.

If you need help

If you find that eliminating pests and disease in your backyard is just too hard of a task, you’re not alone. Eliminating common yard pests and diseases can be a lot of hard work.


Luckily, when you contact us, you’ll be contacting a company that’s experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of gardening and lawn care.  Let’s work together to spruce up your backyard, and get it ready for the upcoming spring and summer.

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