How to Keep Your Trees and Shrubs Healthy this Fall

Posted on Sep 24, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

How to Keep Your Trees and Shrubs Healthy this FallThe deep root systems of trees and established shrubs make them resilient to many of the threats that kill off smaller plants. But they are not completely impervious to all threats. Trees and shrubs still need attention from time to time. The fall is a good time to give your trees and shrubs some attention so they remain healthy through the changing seasons.

Provide extra nutrition

One way to keep your trees healthy - for the fall and all the other seasons – is with systemic tree injections. These injections provide the tree with nutrition that flows throughout the vascular system of the tree. This means that a well-placed injection will get nutrition to every area of the tree. Deep-root feedings are another option for getting much needed nutrition to your trees and shrubs. This type of treatment can add to the resilience of your trees and shrubs when they face threats like drought, disease, and pests.

Protect them as they go into a dormant phase

Providing your trees and shrubs with extra nutrition can help protect them and keep them healthy this fall. You can add even more protection for your trees and shrubs with disease and pest control. There are many diseases that threaten the health of your trees and shrubs. If disease spreads throughout a tree it can kill off large sections of it and eventually lead to complete tree death. The same situation can occur for shrubs if disease is allowed to take hold. Pests like carpenter ants and termites can do serious damage to trees. Shrubs are vulnerable to pests that eat away at their leaves. You can keep your trees and shrubs healthy this fall by continuing with your disease and pest control efforts as the seasons change.   

Remove areas that are damaged, dead, or dying

Another important part of keeping your trees and shrubs healthy is growth management. Growth management can include cutting back areas of overgrowth and removing areas that are damaged, dead, or dying. Dealing with areas of trees that are damaged, dead, or dying is also an important part of protecting the people who spend time on your property. A tree with large dead branches is a threat to anyone standing nearby and potentially to your home. If your trees or shrubs have a lot of overgrowth or large areas that need to be removed you will likely need the help of a professional to safely remove those areas.

If you follow the tips mentioned above you can keep your trees and shrubs healthy this fall and throughout the year. Effective tree and shrub care usually require the help of a professional. Losing a tree or large shrub in your yard can be expensive and damage the overall aesthetic of your property. Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy is the simplest and most cost-effective way to ensure that you do not lose them to poor nutrition, disease, or pests in the future.

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