How to Handle Weeds During Rainy Season

Posted on Dec 12, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

How to Handle Weeds During Rainy Season | The Experienced GardenerFor anyone with a garden, rain might seem like a huge blessing. It waters your plants for you, keeping them extra nourished for the next week at least. Many people are a fan of the rainy season, since it takes care of a time consuming chore, all while providing a nice backdrop for the perfect cozy afternoon in. Although rain is a much needed resource that saves us all time and money, it does have some less than ideal side effects. Namely, the more water coming down from the sky, the more weeds that will be sprouting up to steal that water from your lawn and garden. Here are a few tips on dealing with pesky weeds that pop up and try to ruin sweater-weather and the holiday season.

Get a head start

If you’re reading this just as the rainy season is starting, or even before it’s started, you’re in luck. The easiest way to deal with rainy weather weeds is to get a jump start on them before the rain starts pouring down. If you know you’re coming up on a season full of rain, now might be the best time for you to call your local gardening expert for a consultation. Leave any weeds that are sprouting up the week of your consultation and ask the gardener what you can do to effectively kill them off during the colder months. If you already have an effective weed control plan, get started on it now so that you can avoid the more difficult task of dealing with them during the rainier days.

Use a weed killer

Most people prefer not to use pesticides or chemicals if at all possible. Unfortunately, these are sometimes the best option. During winter, your lawn and garden are going to get more water, which will in turn cause more weeds to grow. You’re also probably going to be spending less time in the garden since the sun will be away and the temperatures will drop. Consider bringing in a little extra help in the form of chemicals that kill of weeds before they hit the earth’s surface, just during the coldest parts of winter.

Remember that weeds grow quickly

Some plants grow slowly, even blooming only once a year. If you’ve had a garden for awhile, you know that this is almost never the case with weeds. In a lot of cases, weeds can grow immensely in just a few days. Even if you aren’t tending to your lawn every day while it rains, keep an eye on it and try to get rid of weeds as soon as they sprout up.

Worse case: Pulling weeds in the rain

No one wants to be trapped in the garden during a downpour pulling weeds, but beauty is pain, especially when it comes to gardening. As I mentioned previously, you might not be able to get out to the garden every single day, so even if you see a couple weeds sprouting up, you might not be able to get to it right away if it’s raining especially hard. However, if it’s been a couple days and the rain doesn’t seem to be letting up, you might have to bite the bullet and get out there. There is one upside to pulling weeds in the rain: wet soil makes for easy weed picking. When the soil gets soggy, the root of weeds aren’t held into anything securely and they can be easily yanked up and tossed.

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