How To Control Weeds Around My Business Property

Posted on Sep 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

How To Control Weeds Around My Business Property | The Experienced GardenerAs a business owner, you know that commercial property maintenance can be a big, daunting task. No matter the size of your business, it’s important to have everything looking the best it can. And once it is, it’s time to start all over again!

One of the biggest challenges business property owners face is weed control. How do you keep your property weed free? Mulch beds, parking lots, fence lines, these are all areas that can take a long time to landscape, if you’re relying on the old hand-pulling method. To save time, and many business and property owners control weeds around their business property by hiring a professional commercial landscaping business.

A professional landscaping business will provide custom services tailored to your individual business needs, leaving you with more time to do what’s important: running your business.

Weed management uses the use of various herbicides to reduce and eliminate weeds, as well as unwanted grass, brush, and volunteer trees. These herbicides will vary widely, and should be applied by professionals because they know what works where, and how much to use. Here are some of the weed control materials used.

Granular and liquid pre-emergent weed control

Granular and liquid control materials can be applied in a variety of settings, and will undoubtedly reduce the number of pesky weeds. These types of treatments will be used to mulch beds, gravels areas, cracks in the pavement, fence lines, and more. Typically, these treatments will need to be applied several times a year to be effective.

Liquid non-selective post-emergent herbicides

This herbicide is applied to weeds that have already begun to grow, and have visible leaves. The herbicides work their way through the unwanted plant, and help control each one as a whole, rather than just burning the foliage.

This treatment does not have residual activity, so it only works for the weeds that are currently growing.

There will be less weed growth in this area, but how much will depend on the amount of weed seeds present, the amount of rainfall, and other variables.

Non-selective treatments will need to be applied again several times a year to control new weeds from cropping up.

Liquid soil sterilant

This herbicide can be used in areas where there is no other plant material, and where you don’t want there to be plant material. This treatment is great for gravel areas.

Liquid basal treatments

This treatment is used where unwanted volunteer trees are removed. It’s applied to the fresh-cut stump, and will drastically reduce the chance of the tree re-growing. If the stumps are small enough, it may eventually rot, and will be easy to remove.


If you own a business, weed control is not something you want to think about on a daily basis. To save yourself time and money, why not contact a professional weed control specialist, like The Experienced Gardner.

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