How Important is Experience When Looking for a Lawn Care Company?

Posted on Nov 15, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

How Important is Experience When Looking for a Lawn Care Company | The Experienced GardenerWhen you consider hiring a professional or doing business with a certain company their level of experience is often part of your decision making process. You do not want to leave important elements in your life in the hands of someone who may not have the necessary level of experience to handle your issue. For example, experience is important when you are looking for someone to work on your car because it can impact the safety of your family. But, there are some areas where it is not as clear what level of importance experience holds. Lawn care is one of those areas for many homeowners.

Does it matter how much experience the person mowing your lawn has? Maybe not. But, there is much more to proper lawn care than mowing. If you need more in-depth lawn care services such as tree care, weed and pest control, and disease prevention then experience is important when choosing a lawn care company.

Tree care

Many of the established trees you see in your yard and neighborhood took decades to reach their size. They are an important element of the overall aesthetics of your yard. They can also impact what grows in your yard because of the shade they provide and prevent issues like erosion with their root systems. If you are concerned about the health of one of your trees then who do you want to deal with that? Clearly, you want someone who has experience taking care of trees. You do not want to risk losing a tree due to improper care. The same is true when it comes to the maintenance of your tree growth. A poor job of growth management can lead to other potential issues. When it comes to taking care of the trees in your yard the experience of the lawn care company you choose is of paramount importance.

Weed and pest control

Weeds and pests in your yard both have the power to keep you and your family inside. No one wants to play in a yard where sticker burrs get all over your shoes or ants constantly bite. An experienced lawn care company can help you prevent weed and pest infestations. If you already have an issue then you need to look for a company that knows how to effectively eradicate the problem. Experience is important here because the correct type and amount of chemical treatment is necessary for effective eradication.


Disease in your yard can pop up quickly and be difficult to stop. One of the keys to effectively treating disease in your yard is identifying the type. It is helpful to know what type of disease you are dealing with so you can treat it appropriately. A lawn care company with extensive experience will be able to identify the type of disease invading your yard as well as the most appropriate treatment option.

If you have never stopped to consider the experience level of the lawn care company you are considering then now is a good time. Issues with your trees, weeds, pests, or disease can all impact your ability to enjoy your yard. An experienced lawn care company can handle any of these issues and can contribute to the health of your yard in a variety of other ways.

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