How Does Overgrowth Threaten the Health of Trees?

Posted on Aug 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

How Does Overgrowth Threaten the Health of Trees | Experienced GardenerThe overgrowth of trees may seem like a purely aesthetic problem. The reality is, however, that overgrowth can be a serious threat to the health of the trees on your property. Overgrowth can threaten the health of trees by hiding pest activity, covering up signs of disease, and weighing down the branches. If your trees are beginning to become overgrown now is the time to take action-before serious damage can be done.

Overgrowth can hide pest activity

Pest activity is not always easy to spot on trees. Small pests on a large tree can go unnoticed even when overgrowth is not present. But, over time, small pests can do serious damage to big trees. This damage can lead to cankers in the bark, dying sections of the tree, and the eventual death of the entire tree. If there is a lot of overgrowth it can take much longer to discover the presence of pests. Damage will have the opportunity to advance to a much more serious level if the signs of it are covered up by overgrowth.

Overgrowth can cover up signs of disease

Like pest activity, signs of disease can be difficult to see on trees that are overgrown. Disease on a tree can take many different forms. It can take the form of leaf disease, bark/trunk disease, and root disease. Overgrowth can make it difficult to notice disease that has started to spread on the tree. Eventually the signs of disease will be easily visible but only after it is widespread. Disease is a serious threat for trees and overgrowth can give it the opportunity to spread unnoticed.

Overgrowth can weigh down the branches

Overgrowth on a tree can weigh down the branches. This can create a situation where your home and family are at risk from falling branches. Overgrowth can hide signs of damage or weakness in branches and prevent you from doing the maintenance necessary to keep them from falling onto your house or in the yard.

The overgrowth of your trees may not make the top of your list for important yard maintenance duties. But, neglecting the overgrowth on your trees for a long period of time can create a situation where you are forced to pay attention to your trees. A sick tree will eventually become a dead tree. If one of the trees in your yard dies it can become a serious problem for you. A dead tree is a danger to the structures and people around it so you must have it taken down. The process of taking down a tree can be expensive and time consuming. You can avoid the inconvenience of dealing with a dead tree by protecting the trees in your yard from overgrowth and the problems it can cause.

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