How Do I Manage My Landscaping During A Drought?

Posted on Nov 10, 2015 8:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

How Do I Manage My Landscaping During A Drought? | The Experienced Gardener

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you might not have heard about the drought going on here in California. But if you’re a resident of the Golden State, then you know that we’re in the midst of a four-year dry spell. It’s all over the news, activists are speaking out on it – heck, it’s even showing up on highway signs. There’s no escaping this thing.

Since our drought has hit such severe levels, residents are being encouraged to skip out on watering altogether. We’re not going to advocate for that – if enough people listen, we’ll be out of business! But there are some ways to be smarter about landscaping during a drought.

Water only when it’s allowed

Most communities have placed water restrictions on their residents, and you should look at your utility bill to discover what kind of limits you may have in place. A common tactic during drought time is for residents to water their lawns in the middle of the night or other uncommon times, in order to avoid a fine. However, just because you can get away with it doesn’t make it a smart idea. Besides, if you have water monitoring in place, your utility company will figure it out anyway. And considering some of the hefty rates being proposed to curb water usage, it may not be worth it.

Allow the lawn to turn “Golden”

You’ve got to hand it to the state’s marketing people: they came up with a good one this time. In order to discourage watering, the state has encouraged residents to let their lawns die and turn into that pale yellow color, using slogans like “Stay Golden, California.” Again, we wouldn’t advocate for you to completely remove your lawn, but desperate times call for desperate measures. To avoid a hassle, you might consider allowing your lawn to turn golden for the rest of the year, and then revisit watering after the rainy season. If enough people take such measures, with any luck, this drought won’t ever reach a fifth year.

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