How Do I Know Which Plants Will Work in My Garden?

Posted on Aug 17, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

How Do I Know Which Plants Will Work in My Garden? | The Experienced GardenerNo one plants a garden with the hopes that it will fail to thrive. But it is possible to set yourself up for that type of situation if you are not intentional about your plant choices. If you want to plant a garden you may be asking yourself, ‘How do I know which plants will work in my garden?’ There are a few things you can do and learn that will help you figure out which plants are the most likely to work in your garden.

Consider your climate

The climate in your area is a good place to start when thinking about plant choice. Each area of the country has a hardiness zone that it corresponds to. This zone can help you choose plants that have the highest likelihood of survival in your area. Looking at the amount of water plants need can also help you determine if they will work in your climate. If you live in a relatively dry climate then plants native to a moisture rich environment will require a lot of watering. The best option is to stick with plants that are native to your area as much as possible.

Determine the amount of sunlight your garden gets

Whether you are planting flowers, shrubs, vegetables or tress you need to determine the amount of sunlight the area you are planting in receives. Some plants need full sun which generally means 6+ hours of direct sunlight. Some plants require partial sun while others need full shade. Your garden may have areas that get more sunlight than others. You can start to determine the amount of sun your garden gets by observing it at different times during the day. Match up the available amount of sun with plants that have similar needs to ensure that you choose plants that will work.

Think about the pest activity in the area

Pest activity in your area can also help you figure out which plants will work in your garden. Do you have trouble with a particular type of pest in the area where you want to put a garden? You may be able to find plants that naturally repel that type of pest. This means that those plants will thrive despite the pest issue and help other types of plants avoid problems from those pests as well.

There are some aspects of planting a garden that are trial and error. You may pick a plant that seems to meet all of the criteria but still does not thrive. That’s ok. There is never a guaranteed outcome when planting a garden. But, that is what makes it so rewarding when it works. These guidelines can help you pick the plants that are the most likely to thrive out of the seemingly endless array of choices. Use these guidelines to help you narrow down your options and discover the best choices for your garden.

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