How Do I Choose the Right Types of Pest Repellant Plants for My Flower Garden?

Posted on Jan 17, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

How Do I Choose the Right Types of Pest Repellant Plants for My Flower Garden? | The Experienced GardenerIt can be a large amount of work and cost a lot of money to plant and maintain a healthy flower garden. There are a number of threats that can cause problems for your flowers. One of the major threats to all flower gardens are pests. Pests can eat away at your plants and ultimately cause them to die off. If harmful pests invade your garden you have the option of killing them off yourself with homemade or store bought insecticides. You can also enlist the help of a professional to come out and treat your flower garden for pests.

If you do not currently have a pest problem there are some options for protecting your flowers from a future pest infestation. One natural way to protect against harmful pests is through the use of pest repellant plants. There are multiple options available and the right choice for your flower garden depends on your needs.

  • What types of pests are potential problems for your flower garden?
Pest repellant plants all have a different combination of pests they repel. For example, marigolds and plants in the allium family can repel aphids from your roses and chrysanthemums can repel a wide range of harmful pests. The types of pests that may invade your garden will depend on where you live and on the types of flowers you choose to plant. Finding out the types of pests you can expect in your garden and what types of plants repel the pests will require you to spend some time researching. It will be worth the effort if you find plants that can help you in your efforts of protecting the flowers in your garden.
  • How will the pest repellant plants impact the aesthetics of my garden?

Aesthetics are a major factor that people consider when planting a flower garden. So, it is important to consider how the pest repellant plants you choose will impact the overall aesthetics of your flower garden. For example, there are several types of herbs that repel plants. Will herbs work with the overall look of your garden or will they seem out of place? Thankfully, there are several types of blooming plants that are aesthetically pleasing and pest repellant. As you plan out your garden you can place these flowers strategically so they work with the overall look of the flower garden and provide the greatest amount of protection possible.     

Preventing harmful pests from attacking your flower garden is a much better option than dealing with pests once they arrive. Spraying harmful pests that have invaded your garden often has the unfortunate side effect of killing off beneficial bugs as well. Killing off the beneficial bugs in your garden could ultimately expose it to more pest problems because the beneficial bugs are not around to fend off the pests. By carefully selecting pest repellant plants for your garden you can naturally protect your flowers from many of the most destructive pests around.

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