How Can I Best Care for My Trees This Summer

Posted on Jul 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

XPGar-blog_How Can I Best Care for My Trees This SummerTaking care of your lawn throughout the summer can be a lot of work. Weeds are growing fast and the heat can make it difficult to keep your grass healthy. It often seems like there is always a project that needs to be done in the yard during the summer. But, your lawn is not the only part of your yard that needs attention. Your trees also need care during the summer. In order to best care for your trees you need to keep an eye out for problems and provide them with extra nutrition.  

Keep an eye out for problems

Trees are resilient to many of the threats that can kill off grass and plants. But, that does not mean they are immune to any type of threat. Trees can be negatively impacted by threats such as disease, pests, and overgrowth. Trees can suffer from leaf diseases, bark/trunk diseases, and root diseases. The signs of disease can include leaf spots, dead branches, and wilting. You may also notice oozing, cankers, and visible root rot. Pests can cause serious damage to trees as well. Boring pests can lead to defoliation, dead branches, and even the death of the tree. Overgrowth is an issue for a couple of reasons. First, overgrowth can make it difficult to notice problems like disease and pests. Second, overgrowth can weigh down branches and make them susceptible to breakage and damage. Keeping an eye out for these common tree problems can help you care for your trees this summer. However, it can be difficult to spot the signs of disease and pests without proper training. You can provide your trees with the best possible chance at health by having them periodically inspected by a professional for signs of trouble.    

Provide your trees with extra nutrition  

The deep roots of trees allow them to stay healthy and survive conditions that may do smaller plants in. But, trees still occasionally need an extra boost of nutrition. You can give that to them this summer with systemic tree injections. These injections provide nutrition to your trees on a systemic level which allows it to flow throughout the tree. Systemic tree injections can boost the health of your trees and help them be even more impervious to threats.

Caring for the health of your trees is an important part of caring for your landscape. A diseased or dying tree can have a negative impact on how your property looks. If you have a tree that gets to the point of actually dying you can have a serious problem on your hands. A dead tree can pose a risk to your home and the people in your yard. In addition, it can be very expensive to have a large tree cut down and removed. You can protect your trees from that fate by intentionally caring for them this summer. If you want your trees to be inspected by a professional or are considering systemic tree injections then get in touch with the Experienced Gardener.

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