How Can A Landscaper Prep My Yard For Spring?

Posted on Apr 10, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

How Can A Landscaper Prep My Yard For Spring? | The Experienced GardenerIf you own an average to small sized house, you might be thinking, “Landscaping is over the top, my house isn’t large enough to need that”. What you should realize is that landscaping services come in different tiers. A mansion with custom shaped topiaries might need landscapers to come in every few days to trim and maintain plants. Average sized houses, however, can benefit immensely from the touch of a professional every few weeks, or even once a month. Maintaining your front lawn and garden is the majority of work involved around keeping the front of your house looking nice. Even a nice house with a beautiful paint job and intricate trimmings can be ruined by a patchy lawn and brown plants. There are many different things a landscaper can do for you and your garden. Here are just a few…

Plan A Garden

If you just bought your house or are starting to think about adding a new garden, designing and planningis your first step. Many people who have gardens already probably wish they would’ve done a bit more planning beforehand. A landscaper can give you recommendations about which plants will do best in the shady parts of your yard, as opposed to the portions that get the most sun. With careful planning, you can make sure your garden looks full, year round by planting both plants that bloom in the spring and ones that will maintain appeal during the winter.

Lawn Upkeep

Lawns don’t require much backbreaking, laborious work, but mowing your lawn isn’t typically a chore that people do before work. Most people do this chore on the weekend, in their spare time. Hiring a landscaper to come and mow your lawn once a week or once every two weeks is pretty affordable for most people and can free up those saturday mornings for sleeping in, and having a nice breakfast with the family. It can also be great for your lawn, since lawn professionals know exactly how much water your lawn needs, and how much to cut it without causing damage.

Weed Control

Weeds are the bain of any homeowner’s existence. Getting down on your knees and pulling weeds one by one can be a tedious nightmare. Having a professional come over every few weeks to get rid of them for you can be a godsend. Landscapers can also do a lot to prevent them from popping up  in the first place. Chemical weed controlis usually only needed twice a year and can do a world of difference in preventing those pesky weeds from soaking up the nutrients that you plants need to thrive.

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