Habits That Will Keep Your Yard Looking Good

Posted on Oct 31, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Habits That Will Keep Your Yard Looking Good | The Experienced GardenerA great looking yard can be a source of pride and enjoyment. A neglected yard, on the other hand, can cause stress and dread because it represents a long list of tasks that remain undone. In order to keep your yard looking good – and avoid letting lawn tasks accumulate – you need to develop a few habits. Habits that will keep your yard looking good include pulling weeds, killing off pests, and preventing disease.

Pulling weeds

Pulling a weed or two out of your lawn and garden is not a big deal. However, properly eliminating hundreds of weeds that have popped up can consume and entire weekend. If you pull weeds regularly it will prevent them from completely taking over. Some homeowners approach the weed problem by mowing them down. If you have ever tried that method, you know that mowing weeds is only a temporary fix. They will pop up again quickly and you will be back outside with the mower much sooner than you had hoped. The habit of pulling weeds regularly will ultimately save you time and help keep your yard looking good.

Killing off pests

Pests can ruin your garden and your lawn. Some types of pests eat away at the leaves of plants while other wreak havoc on the root systems. Pest damage can make your lawn look bad and can eventually kill it off without some type of intervention. Regularly treating your lawn to protect it against pests is a habit you need to develop. Pests are not going to stop trying to invade your lawn so you cannot stop trying to protect against them.

Preventing disease

Disease is a problem that can silently spread throughout your lawn and cause serious damage. If you do not pay close attention, disease can turn a healthy yard into a brown, splotchy eyesore. You should develop the habits that help prevent disease in your yard. These include watering the correct amount on an appropriate schedule, mowing on a consistent basis and at the appropriate height, providing your lawn with additional nutrition, and using a chemical barrier against disease.

You can keep your yard looking good if you develop habits that will protect it against weeds, pests, and disease. These three threats can cause widespread damage to any yard. Protecting your yard against just three threats may sound simple but it requires consistent and informed intervention. Many homeowners find that learning what type of intervention their lawn needs – and when it needs that intervention – can be difficult. If you find yourself in a similar position, you should consider getting professional help. A lawn and garden pro can completely handle all of the elements necessary for getting and keeping your lawn healthy. Or, if you prefer, a lawn care pro can help you develop the correct habits for maintaining a healthy yard. Either way, if you need help it is available.

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