Getting a Lawn Care Service For the First Time: What You Should Know

Posted on Aug 30, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Getting a Lawn Care Service For the First Time: What You Should Know | The Experienced GardenerWe’ve been serving San Joaquin County for many years, and it’s a pretty great place for a lawn care provider. Why? Because the conditions are close to optimal. Sure, those long, dry and hot summers are brutal for your air conditioning bill, but the plants love it. Why do you think our county has such a reputation for agriculture? It’s just easier to get plants to grow here.

But it also means you need to pay close attention to your lawn and garden – otherwise, they won’t survive the summer. If you’re a busy person or lack the time or expertise needed to care for your lawn, then we’d like to help. Here’s what you should know about getting lawn care service:

  • It’s not just for the wealthy

Think only the rich can afford lawn care? Think again. A huge chunk of our clients are actually middle-class, working folks who just want a little help with the grass. Or maybe you have a garden pest problem that needs attention – we can handle that, too!

Bottom line: we can meet your budget and adjust accordingly. And to help you along, we’ll provide you with the tips and information necessary to keep the plants/lawn strong between visits.

  • This might take a little time

You’re not going to go from run-down backyard to beautiful entertaining space in a single day or week, so don’t expect immediate results. Although we can make plants stronger and help them grow, we can’t speed up that growth process too much – nature needs to run its course. But after a few visits and some hours of work, we can start turning your grass into a lawn you can be proud of.

  • We can tailor our service to your needs

Not all lawns are created equal, and you might have some specific needs. For instance, mowing the lawn is a pretty simple chore – but maybe you don’t have a working lawnmower, or you simply don’t have time. We could provide the mowing and trimming service, while you handle the rest. Or, if growth is your problem, we’ll leave the mowing to you while we beef up that lawn with fertilizer and other items. No matter what your lawn care need is, we can meet it.

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