Get Answers to Your Questions About Tree Care

Posted on Apr 27, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Get Answers to Your Questions About Tree Care | The Experienced GardenerEstablished trees can be relatively low maintenance. Deep root systems usually allow trees to get the water and nutrition they need even if weather or soil conditions are not ideal. Unfortunately, the fact that trees can be low maintenance leads many homeowners to ignore tree care completely. The reality is that even established trees need attention from time to time. If you are trying to learn how to care for the trees in your yard, keep reading for answers to your questions about tree care.

Do I need to water my trees?

Established trees with deep root systems do not typically require you to provide additional water. However, if you recently transplanted a tree into your yard it is important that you water it regularly to help it adjust to being moved.

What type of nutrition do trees need?

Beyond sunlight, water, and nutritious soil, trees occasionally need some additional systemic nutrition. Systemic tree injections provide trees with nutrition that spreads throughout the vascular system of the tree. This is a way to provide additional nutrition from the inside out.

Are my trees at risk for developing disease?

All trees are at risk for developing disease. There are diseases that impact the bark, leaves, or cause growths on the branches. Some types of trees are more susceptible to disease than others. If you notice any type of oozing or unusual growth it could be a sign of disease.

Are pests a threat to trees?

Pests do pose a threat to trees. Some pests can cause physical damage to the tree and weaken it over time. The trees that are at the highest risk of problems with pests are those that are already weakened due to damage or disease.

Who can help me with tree care?

You can get help with the trees in your yard from a company that specializes in lawn and tree care. If you are concerned at all about the condition of one or more of your trees it is important that you get professional help. A tree that is riddled with disease or pests can become a danger to people and your property. In addition, removing a tree that has died is much more expensive and time-consuming than getting help caring for it properly while it is alive.

Trees can grow to be very large and very old which makes them seem resilient and immune to the same threats that cause concern for your grass. Trees can live long and healthy lives but the reality is that they are always at risk for developing issues. In order to give your trees the best chance of remaining healthy, you need to protect them from threats and provide them with nutrition. You can get all of the help you need with tree care from the pros at The Experienced Gardener.

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