Gardening Chores To Restart As The Weather Improves

Posted on May 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Gardening Chores To Restart As The Weather Improves | The Experienced GardenerSpring is finally here and the weather is starting to warm up. That means those of us who have a green thumb can get back outside and start getting our hands dirty again with our favorite hobby. Winter can be a sad time for anyone who enjoys gardening because there’s way less work to be done, and not many plants are in bloom. All you can do is stare out your window at the bare branches of your plant and wait for spring.

Now that spring is here, you’ll need to get back into the swing of taking care of your garden on a weekly basis, or even every other day for those of you who have the time. We’ve put together a list of the things you’ll need to get back into practice of during these sunny months.

Watering (The Right Amount!)

Now that the sun is back you can get back to your regular watering schedule. Most of you who have had your garden for a while have a pretty good idea of how much to water your plants. However, if you just moved to your house, or have new plants you might need to do some research about how much water they need. As much as you do to avoid under-watering your plants, over-watering can be just as dangerous for them.  Check out our blog on how much water your lawn needs.

Removing Weeds

During the winter, weeds grows much slower than they usually do. You’ll see that as your plants start growing again, so do the weeds. If you’ve applied chemical weed control previously, you’ll see less weeds than you would without it, but it’s still important to keep an eye out for any stragglers and pull them out by the root whenever you can. Weeds not only crowd the plants in your garden, but now that the sun is out, they’ll start to block your plants from getting the nutrients they need. They'll also take a lot of the water supply that should be reserved for your garden. Getting rid of them as soon as you see them is the best way to make sure your garden flourishes.

Lawn Care

One of the best things about spring gardening is the fact that grass starts to grow again. Your lawn starts looking green and lush again, and it transforms the entire front of your house. On top of watering it the right amount, as I mentioned before, there are a couple other things you’ll need to do. Mowing your lawn is important again, now that it’s started growing. During the first few weeks of spring, take it easy. Your grass might still be fragile from the winter cold. After that you can start trimming it like you usually do. Once a week is usually good enough for most lawns. Keeping your grass short helps keep pests away and allows your grass to flourish so make sure you’re either keeping up on this chore, or hiring a professional to take care of it for you.

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