Garden Chores For The Hotter Months

Posted on May 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Garden Chores For The Hotter Months | The Experienced Gardener

As we leave spring behind and head into the hotter months of summer it is important to make some adjustments to your list of garden chores. You will continue to do many of the same tasks you did in the spring but with a few tweaks. You can keep your garden healthy and even increase your ability to enjoy your yard by being proactive with your garden chores for the hotter months.   

Plant pest repellant plants

The hotter months are known for an increase in pest activity. For example, mosquitos are typically the most problematic during the hotter months. You can help combat this issue by putting pest repellant plants in your garden and around the exterior of your house as the weather heats up. Two examples of pest repellant plants are lavender and citronella grass. 

Invest in professional pest control

Pest repellant plants are a great way to start protecting your garden against many types of pests. However, it may be difficult to eradicate an established pest problem with plants alone. A serious pest infestation in your garden during the hotter months may require professional intervention. 

Fight back against weeds

Weeds can begin to pop up in your garden during the spring and will not let up as the weather gets warmer. Keep weed control at the top of your garden chore list as summer approaches. You always have the option of bringing in a lawn care professional if you need help fighting back against the weeds in your garden.

Aeration and fertilization

Getting the proper nutrition to your yard is especially important during the hotter months. Aeration creates space around the roots of your grass and allows the nutrients that fertilization provides to reach the roots directly. Having your yard aerated and fertilized on a regular basis can make a big difference in the health and look of your grass. The exact timing of your aeration and fertilization is dependent upon a number of factors. Talk to your local lawn care professional to get a recommendation on the appropriate schedule for providing nutrients to your yard.

Adjust your watering schedule

The plants in your garden need a consistent watering schedule during the hotter months to compensate for the higher temperatures. The excess heat can cause plants to lose water more quickly and can lead to dying or dead plants. As the weather heats up be sure and pay attention to the needs of your plants. If your normal watering routine leaves your garden looking thirsty then you need to adjust it to meet the changing needs of your plants.

A healthy lawn and garden require consistent attention to remain healthy. A few days or weeks of neglect can lead to significant damage to a garden-especially as the temperature increases in the summer months. Whether you do the work yourself or hire help, it is essential to stay consistent with your garden chores.

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