Garden Chores: Don't Forget to Do These Five Things

Posted on Mar 10, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Garden Chores: Don't Forget to Do These Five Things | The Experienced GardenerChores. By definition, these are things we don’t really want to do. And it’s a tale as old as time. Remember when Tom Sawyer didn’t want to whitewash the fence? He was avoiding a chore! So we’ve been doing this for centuries.

I understand if you’re hesitant to fulfill your garden chores, but I would urge you to reconsider. A garden requires constant attention and regular upkeep in order to flourish. Even if you don’t have your own garden, you still have some chores to finish if you want your lawn and any trees or plantlife to stay green.

Don’t forget to do these five things:

  • Pull Those Weeds

I know you hate pulling weeds because everybody hates pulling weeds. But you know what happens if you don’t? They become stronger. Weeds will rise higher than your grass and actually steal sunlight from it. Plus, their roots are competing for the same soil as the grass. So get rid of them!

  • Check Trees and Plants For Signs of Disease

This might not seem like a standard chore for gardens, but it should be. If any plants or trees are showing strange signs, such as leaves unexpectedly changing color or dying branches, it’s probably because of disease or a pest. By catching these warning signs early, you can possibly save the plant. Or at least prevent the disease from spreading to others via roots.

  • Fertilize

It really doesn’t matter too much what kind of plant food you use, as long as you use something. Whether it’s fertilizer, compost, or some other strange concoction from Lowe’s, apply it regularly to your plants and grass to help them out. We’ve got a great agricultural climate here, but your landscape will be much more robust and attractive with some fertilization.

  • Mow Regularly, But Don’t Keep it Too Short

You need to mow the lawn regularly, not just for appearances, but to prevent pests from using it to hide out as well. But if you mow it too short, you’re going to give fast-rising weeds the upper hand and expose the lawn to sun damage. If you’re looking for a specific length, there’s a handy list of different grasses and their ideal heights here.

  • Rake the Leaves

Another widely-hated chore that is also very beneficial. Having too many leaves on the lawn will block the path of sunlight. So keep them raked up to ensure your grass is getting sufficient sun.

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